Jack White to Cameo as Elvis Presley In “Walk Hard”

According to internet buzz on Cinematical (via the Thigh Master), Jack White will be hitting the silver screen once again–this time in the comedy Walk Hard starring John C. Reilly. It’s a tongue-in-cheek spoof of musical biopics that have taken over Hollywood in the last few years like Ray and Walk the Line.

Can’t wait to see Jack strut those blue suede shoes! Of course he will not perform any “Elvis songs” in the movie because “Elvis songs” do not exist.

37 Replies to “Jack White to Cameo as Elvis Presley In “Walk Hard””

  1. LOL ……..fat Elvis. Maybe they will show his fat ass on the toilet with a fried banana sandwich after he downs some pills. Thats what I would do if I were married to someone as homely as Karen.

  2. seriously, what did karen ever do to you that you have to be so mean? i mean besides bringing to reality the rock star/model cliche.

  3. She looks great, she´s lovely! Don´t talk about her, I thought we wanna talk about Jack White (Elvis).

  4. As much as it’s mortifying to stoop to these levels of gossip, I have to jump in to say that having met Karen a number of times, she is a very lovely women, terribly nice, down to earth, goofy, kind, and generous.

    There’s no reason to dog her- it’s really quite cruel and immature. They’re a sweet couple, and no one deserves to be slagged by strangers.

    Back on the Elvis topic-I wonder if it’s a full-on impression, or just a walk-by-the camera thing?..

  5. My personal opinion is that people who dog Jack and his wife are not true fans. If you have followed him thru the years as I have you can see how happy he is now. It radiates thru his body language. She obviously makes him very happy so enough said about that. On another note, I think he will have a blast filming the Elvis part. If the movie is a spoof then he can really have fun. Can’t wait to see a clip of him.

  6. She kinda has a horse face in that pic. I bet without that phony red hair and war-paint she is a real bute!

  7. My personal opinion is Jack is an awesome musicican with a homely wife. She may be nice and all that but she is homely. Meg is WAYYY hotter.

  8. Jack IS a pompous ass. You must know him or have met him. What a dick. He does not respect the people who made him a rich snob,instead of a broke snob.

  9. you guys are ass-holes! jack isn’t fat if you’ve met him which I have he is over 6 foot tall and not fat at all. he could crush all your skulls in a second if he even knew what disgusting things you are saying about his wife. I’d love for you all to post a photo of yourself with this blog so we can see how, fat, homely, ugly, nerdy you all are. grow up you sad twats! Karen is so fucking cool, leave her alone its so mean, you are not true fans to diss his family like this.
    you are the kind of loser who enjoys watching your hero keel over.you make the modern age look so trashy and trgaic with your teenage opinions…i’m bored

  10. Why bring up Karen at all? This topic has absolutely nothing to do with her. Can any of you go for one second without trashing his wife? It’s pretty obvious some of you are jealous the way you harp on her looks. If you weren’t jealous, then you wouldn’t give a shit or you’re one of those weirdos who think Jack and Meg should still be together.

  11. all that matters is his fat pompous ass. c’mon you all know hes a snob. and he marries a model……..yawn. he is so many bad stereotypes…so self-righteous

  12. so pompous, so weird, so strange lookin, so arrogant, so married a dingy trophy, such an ass….oh well hes a millionaire now so it makes it all ok. lol. Too bad to you americans all that counts is $$$$

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