Ewan McGregor Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Nirvana Songs and Songs Covered by Nirvana

Check out this clip from a French chat show in which they ask Ewan to sing a Nirvana song. What does he belt out? “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”. Oh Ewan… “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” is a cover of an American folk song that Nirvana performed during the very famous MTV Unplugged series, but is not an actual Nirvana song:

I’ll let this one slide because you’re just so gosh-darn adorable. Vid link from ONTD.

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  1. yeah but Lead Belly clearly popularized the song way before Nirvana ever recorded it. i don’t know the whole of Elvis’s catalogue, but i’m sure there were probably songs written specifically for him–just like Britney Spears or Ashlee Simpson–i would consider those “Elvis songs” if he was the first to record them. also, why pick that song? why not a song that was actually on an album that they recorded?

  2. if she were elvis, i would know.

    And although I agree that if anything, it’s a Lead Belly song, that’s not exactly common knowledge, and it very well may be Ewan’s favorite Nirvana tune. Unplugged is many people’s fave Nirvana album – even if it isn’t a studio album. Let’s just thank our lucky stars he didn’t belt out Man Who Sold The World, eh?

  3. Hillary Swank is so adorable and funny, and talented unlike 99% of the young stars of Hollywood. Thanks for the clip, she’s so sweet (had no idea about that before)! And the thing about Ewan… who cares, he’s not American so he wouldn’t know that =P + it’s not like he sang a Foo Fighters song or something like that.

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