The Genius of Uncle Grambo

I’ve been a long-time fan of the illustrious Uncle Grambo–the mastermind behind Whatevs(dot)org. I just had to share his analysis of blockbuster movie 300:

Oh yeah, “300″. SO! FREAKING! BEST! You say that it never registered with you on any sort of emotional level? I say SO WHAT! You want to get emotional? Grab a box of tampons and watch Lifetime. But if you want to see a movie described as “Tits. Violence. Anger. Repeat.”, that’s EXACTLY what you’ll get when you see “300.”

Oh man, the Lifetime comment kills me. Hahahah.

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3 replies on “The Genius of Uncle Grambo”

  1. Excellent review.

    300 fucking rocked. Got me so pumped I just wanted to hurl a giant boulder at an even larger boulder and then watch them both explode.

  2. lifetime: television for women who want to watch women get beaten, raped, murdered and pregnant!

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