+1 Music Management Third Birthday Party

Last Thursday +1 Music Management had their 3rd Year Anniversary Birthday Party at the newly re-located and re-opened Luna Lounge in Williamsburg. They had a slew of their roster play for the event: Eugene, Monsters Are Waiting…, Illinois, and Stellastarr*, playing to a comfortably packed crowd–no small feat, seeing as how the new Luna Lounge is about 30x bigger than the original space of the cramped Lower East Side outfit.

Seeing as how I’m and old lady and it WAS in Brooklyn (it’s scary out there–hold me!), I managed to only catch 2 acts during the night. California-based Monsters Are Waiting… had a nice sorta Ladytron light feel to them, with lead singer Annalee Fery’s airy (and VERY girlie) vocals floating atop electronic keyboards and a strong rock-based band sound. For me, the highlight of their set was when they busted out a version of The Stone Roses’ “I Wanna Be Adored”.

monsters are waiting

The other band I got to see was Illinois–who I’d seen once before at North Six when they opened up for the The Kooks. I have to say, Illinois totally impressed me the second time around. Lead singer Chris Archibald was raucous and a little bit sloppy–but in an endearing way…you know, like your gosh-darn funny/crazy/friend who you can’t quite figure out why you like him–he’s just fun to be out with and you know there’s always a good time to be had when he is around. The same could be said about his band. It’s kinda good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll with a little bit of hick/down home sensibility thrown in.

Good times, good times.