NME Gets Listen of Three Songs Off of “Icky Thump”

Horns, Latin-flavored sounds, and the return of big, badass guitars is what we have to look forward to off the new White Stripes album, according to NME’s filing on an exclusive London listening party of three tracks off Icky Thump. Read more.

‘Icky Thump’
Starts with Meg on pounding bass drums, then breaks into an experimental, heavy sounding 70s riff, that at points varies from a ‘Black Math’-like rock sound to electronic sounding, processed sections. The vocals almost never repeat themselves as and there’s little conventional structure. Jack’s vocals are heavily treated in the production with one of the few clear lyrics in this mainly instrumental track, going, “Why don’t you kick yourself out, you’re an immigrant too”.

‘What Love Is’
A more classic sounding White Stripes song recalling ‘White Blood Cells’-era. It’s a strong, melodic love song with Jack singing the following for the chorus: “You’re not hopeless or helpless/I hate to sound cold/But you don’t know what love is/You do as you’re told”.

The biggest departure of the three tracks previewed. It’s an unexpected mix of big guitars and a bold horn section. Boasting a Spanish, Latin feel, it’s a third person storytelling song about a serial womaniser, who finally meets his match. “Conquest, he was out to make a conquest” sings Jack. “She was just another conquest, but the hunted became the huntress”.