Dylan Hears a Who = Brilliantastic

Bob Dylan–legendary troubador, zeitgeist-setter, famous mumbler, and enormous fan of Dr. Seuss books? Not sure if the last item really is true, but someone with an an uncanny ability to imitate Bob Dylan got it in their head to record a bunch of Dr. Seuss books to Dylan-esque music, and you can hear the results on the Dylan Hears a Who website.

Created by a mysterious person/collective called “Eye-Berried Pall“–who no one can seem to figure out who/he/she really are/is.

It’s a ridiculously elaborate project…this mystery person/people should stand up and benefit from the fruits of their labor!! Although they probably would stand a good chance of getting sued by everyone under the sun. Hahha.

Oh, and all the MP3s are available for download!

DOWNLOAD: “Dylan Hears a Who” by “Eye-Berried Pall”

dylan hears a whol

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  1. Well, it appears the “suits” at Dr. Seuss Enterprises got wind of this one and, having totally lost contact with their inner child, were less than amused. The legal Grinch has been unleashed and the site is no more.

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