Rufus Wainwright’s Ode to The Killers’ Brandon Flowers

The joy in my life increases x10 because ONTD exists.

Quothe Rufus in Time Out (London):

‘Tulsa’, about Killers frontman Brandon Flowers sounds particularly intriguing. ‘I don’t know him that well,’ Wainwright admits, ‘but I wrote this song about him which is kind of hilarious – it says he tastes like potato chips in the morning.’


Tulsa – Rufus Wainwright

You taste of potato chips in the morning.
Your face has the Marlon Brando club calling.
And then the thought that I owe it all to Tulsa.
And that fat guy with the Queen shirt that we both signed together.
Wanting it for someone who’d been down forever.

Your suit was the whitest thing since you-know-who.
I feel that that savior I’ve been may be you.
And then the thought that I owe it all to Tulsa.
And that poor girl who waited in the rain for hours to meet me completely.

And I owe it all to Tulsa
Just a reminder
Of the antiques shop I want to go back to and visit when it´s open
In Tulsa, Oklahama
This song’s about you.

And here’s the convo I had w/ Rach about this:

Rach: i hope it pisses flowers off
Rach: but brandon cant say anything about him negative cos then he’ll be gaybashing. SUCK IT FLOWERS.

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4 replies on “Rufus Wainwright’s Ode to The Killers’ Brandon Flowers”

  1. ha! lol! thats funny! and brandon cant say anything bad about him! remember where he said he called ppl down because of his jealousy,what does this file under? ‘GayBashing’ or ‘Brandon Flowers Queens out-AGAIN!’ ?!Dunno,u decide!

  2. The the lamest thing ive even read in my life! This is fuckin stupid! U ppl r just plain dumb. MORONS!!
    p.s: racheal, dear, if brandon does not respond to it itll be bucause its just too lame for a response!! Why would he use his breath on u losers???

  3. wateva… i was just jking.hey sammy_grl,r u standing up 4 brandon or r u just naturally pissy?sorry, but i just want 2 b sraight forward 4 a sec. so wat if brandon doesnt waste his breath on us, this iz a fuckin’ blog, we get 2 say wateva the fuck we want, when we fuckin’ want to, and how the fuck eva we want. also,heres a bit of irony-i have a crush on the indie looking brandon when the killers were just making it. y’all,this iz a comment not a fuckin advice for which brandon has 2 live by. he has hiz own rules,git over it! a joke iz a joke, not 2 b takin’ seriously!k!!!

  4. also,those who take blogs and gossip seriously,like it will majorly affect ur life,y’all need 2 get out more-smell the fresh coffee-jeez-get a life! not 2 b mean, but,damn ppl! holy shit-that means me 2! lol! jking! see!- 2 make it easier 4 u ppl 2 understand-in the this entry i made a joke about getting a life, u probably have 1 if u like 2 read blogs. ok! also dissing iz not wat im aiming 4 so,if felt dissed,hurt, or ‘burned’ in any way,srry.also, i ssssssssssssoooooooooo,need a life; are there any up 4 sale?! just kidding!

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