I Never Thought This Day Would Come: The White Stripes Officially on MySpace

Famous and well-documented Luddite Jack White has apparently given the OK to finally go where “the kids” are and greenlighted an official…WHITE STRIPES MYSPACE. (Meg must’ve given the OK too.)

white stripes myspace

Hello, is that the sky falling? What’s that crazy sound? Oh yes, that’s me manically laughing in the background.

Question is, why wasn’t the first song on the page “We’re Going To Be Friends“??


Also, look at the HILARIOUS message Henry left me on my MySpace:

white stripes myspace hole box

10 Replies to “I Never Thought This Day Would Come: The White Stripes Officially on MySpace”

  1. Cause they are becoming everything they said they would not. That English twat screwed up Jackies head. Thats your answer #3. Poor Meg probably has as much influence on band decisions as you or I. Shit it beats being a bartender at lame-ass Memphis Smoke where she used to work. They are such hypocritical sell-outs.
    ……….Hurry run here come all the idiots on jacks jock!!!!

  2. they are on a major label now, on myspace now, moved away from their beloved “detroit”.
    I wonder what else is in store
    i can’t wait

  3. Why do any of you give a shit about something as silly and inconsequential as a myspace as long as their new album kicks ass, which I’ve heard it probably will. Honestly people, Jack had to get with the times at some point. I’m sure his record company did a little cajoling as well, but seriously you people overreacting have some problems.

  4. myspace is just another way to get your music heard by more people. why would any band be against that?

  5. What’s the difference in being on myspace and having a website? They aren’t selling out, just keeping up with fans, ever thought of that you absolute freaks?

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