Love of My Life Ryan Adams to Release New Album

Yessssss. I’ve been thinking a lot about Ryan Adams recently… maybe it has something to do with the Ryan Adams concert t-shirt I wear when I’m putzing around the house…or the Ryan Adams tote bag I use to shlep around papers… or the Ryan Adams Live in Jamaica DVD that Matt Music Slut bought me for my birthday earlier this month. Or maybe it’s all that crazy Ryan Minus Adams Dot Com biznatch he unleashes upon the world–which only makes me love him more.

Fresh from the press release machine, news of Ryan’s new (label-approved) material:

Ryan Adams’ Easy Tiger has been scheduled for a June 5 release on Lost Highway.

While the final sequence is still TBD, Easy Tiger will be comprised of the following tracks: “Goodnight Rose”, “Everybody Knows”, “The Sun Also Sets”, “Halloween Head”, “Off Broadway”, “Two Hearts”, “Tears Of Gold”, “These Girls”, “Two”, “I Taught Myself How To Grow Old”, “Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.”, “Rip Off”, and “Pearls On A String”.

Easy Tiger will be Ryan Adams’ ninth full length collection of new studio recordings.

2 Replies to “Love of My Life Ryan Adams to Release New Album”

  1. Ryan is the love of yr life? Good gravy, things ARE different around here. Dude is a douche..John Mayer has nothing on Ryan Adams, douchebagging-wise. Find it hard to believe a smart, hot wonderful woman like Parker Posey would go for this dode. But I concur: his confessional, navel-gazing stoner prose on his webside used to make my day, back in the day..

    Thought of new Ryan Adams album does make me think, “OMG, Whatever..”

  2. can’t wait for the new album 🙂
    ryan adams’ voice probably is the most beautiful voice in the world

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