Beware of Dangerous Dangerous EMOS!

I posted this on my other blog, So More Scene, so you can go there for my full 3-point analysis, but I just had to share with you kids as well. This. Is. Hysterical:

The one thing I will comment on here is this:

The area in which this is being broadcast is Devils Lake/Grand Forks, which is humorous in itself. But the scary thing is that this particular area (Devils Lake) in North Dakota was the home of the now (in)famous evangelical Christian “Kids on Fire” summer retreat documented in the Oscar-nominated film Jesus Camp. You know, that place where Pentecostal child pastor Betty Fischer made kids cry for the sins of the world out of deranged devotion for the Lord, where kids spoke in tongue, fell on to their knees, and hypnotically prayed to God. In other words, this town is seriously into Jesus, and sometimes a little TOO serious about everything.

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  1. brilliance!!that clip had me laughing out loud at 3.30 in the f’n morning!from the start with those 2 overly serious news anchor douches just saying “emos”.i’m shocked they didn’t use their fingers when they said”emos” .the “Wentz” girl can’t even keep a straight face!i’m suprised those people haven’t changed the name of the town yetGod help the kids in Devil’s Lake/Grand Forks.umm,nevermind.need sleepy…

  2. wow. well. that’s just really special. that’s really sad that that is the only compelling piece of investigative journalism they could come up with.

    you know, i am really beginning to loathe the overzealous christian parents. these days, you can’t even wear a black t-shirt without being labeled “emo” in middle america. i mean. seriously.

    the surname of the girl interviewed at the beginning is “WENTZ” coincidence? I think not.
    “hair that covers half your face… the point to see the world in HALF VIEW”

  4. OMFG this is hilarious its a fashion and thats all it is i dont think its anythign to be worried about its a phase and alot of it looks like shit anyway!! AHH MAN ‘HALF VIEW’ What the f**k lol

  5. Wow this was hilarious. The girl with the Wentz surname and did anyone hear “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s a Goddamn Arms Race” in the background as she was talking. Did these people not realize that those quizzes, cutting kits (or whatever) are mere jokes, mostle likely people mocking “emos”.

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