OMG: Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” Video Is Awful

I usually love all things Avril Lavigne, but I have been deeply disturbed over the new video of her single, “Girlfriend”. It’s like a perfect storm of awful–with acting so bad it could win a Razzie, outfits so bad they belong in the rubbish bin (knee high striped tube socks??? WHY???), moral/song theme so awful it could have been a Fergie song, AND A DANCE SEQUENCE??? AAAAAARRRRUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Avril don’t dance!!! (Or shouldn’t be allowed to.)

There are, like, so many things wrong with this video and song I can’t even begin to list them. I just want to throw myself against the wall after watching this. I can’t figure out how something like this happened, it’s just so…mindnumbing.

It’s like the Pussycat Doll’s “Don’t Cha”, but without the sass and 10x as more childish. Why is she regressing by doing dumbed-down versions of Gwen Stefani dance songs? Avril don’t do happy and upbeat well, it just comes off as obnoxious.

Let’s take a look at some sample lyrics:

In a second you’ll be wrapped around my finger
‘Cause I can, cause I can do it better
There’s no other, so when’s it gonna sink in
She’s so stupid, what the hell were you thinking?

What??? This is like the theme song of romantically deranged tween girls everywhere. If you could have him wrapped around your finger in a second, why are you spending 3 minutes and 49 seconds telling me about it? JUST DO IT AND LEAVE ME ALONE!

When Avril is singing the song she looks like even she can’t believe this pile of crap she’s performing. She’s making bratty faces at the camera, almost as to say “yeah, I know, it’s totally obnoxious, eat it up you mindless bitches!”

I also have a problem w/ the continuity. Why is blonde Avril interacting with the dude? It’s dark-haired Avril that is the one in the song. Oh my god. I can’t believe I just spent time thinking about continuity in a music video. It’s that bad.

I much prefer vintage (and more somber) Avril like “My Happy Ending”:

Or the greatest Avril Lavigne video ever, “I’m With You”:

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  1. I don’t like Avril at all, so I have to disagree with you on the alleged greatness of her prior to this. But I think you brilliantly summed up the “Girlfriend” song/video here:
    “This is like the theme song of romantically deranged tween girls everywhere. If you could have him wrapped around your finger in a second, why are you spending 3 minutes and 49 seconds telling me about it? JUST DO IT AND LEAVE ME ALONE!”
    After about 30 seconds, you get everything the song has to offer and you just want to make it stop. Argh! And it does seem like she is purposely turning into a mini Gwen Stefani. It seems so calculated and lame.

  2. oooof that was rough. i can’tbelieve i just wasted time on that. not that i care about her or her fans, etc, but wasn’t she supposed to be “alternative” to all the regular girl singers singing about boys and “above” this kind of teenage lameo stuff? what are all the 12 yo girls gonna think now? it’s cool to steal geeky girls’ boyfriends? IM SO SADDENED BY THIS

  3. i know, seriously–what did that geeky girl ever do to her besides have red hair and glasses? this like like a training video for geek bigots. BOOOOOOO

  4. Your Wrong Her New Song Girlfriend & Video Is 1 Of The Best Of All Time You Should Get A Life Mate And Stop Wasting time hatein after all shes out there making something of her self and wtf are you doing ayy? your perfetick luvv….X

  5. Agh, I’m in shock! I can’t believe this.. I officially can’t root for you anymore Avril, your just as bad as the rest of the pop-tarts.

  6. U guys are sooper lame ok her video ROCKS. Dont Hate OK.She is Awsome and If you guys dont see that then ur GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I actually like it- it’s DAMN catchy. XD I’m thinking the video/song was meant to be a joke. Right?


  8. when i saw this i thought that shes going for a much much younger audience. my godkids who love “high school musical” and “the cheetah girls” will be way into this. definately jr high and middle school. high school kids couldnt possibly be interested in this avril. i thought avril will grow up with her audience but shes totally gone in the oposite direction. vintage avril is awesome though.

  9. haha actually this music video is freakin hilarious!! i absolutely love it!!! and the song…priceless!! ha so all u ppl who dont like this video …grow up haha and have a freakin sense of humor!!!

  10. LMAO Growww up.listen to yourrselfs. this is whoo she is soo just accept it. shes showing us shes having funn and shes really happy. just accept that.

  11. actually this video rocks, avrils opened up more. Just cuz it isnt as “rock” as she used to be, dosn’t mean shes a fake. Hello she used to sing contry before “pop/rock”. And its not like avrils being serious shes having fun, like anyone should be doing with a career.

  12. i dont see y people are crying over this…avril is being playful and different and its very artistic. People need to get a life and worry about real issues in the world…this is only music lol…go avril go

  13. She looks hot in the video, I won’t lie.

    But she’s always been trash musically, and now she’s just a notch lower. Sorry if you didn’t see this coming.

  14. Sucks. Enormously. It’s depressing to see how a smoking little portion could change so much. She’s still good-looking, but not nearly so nice. As for the video (and the tune).. no comment. Words cannot describe how devastatingly awful it is.

    Give it five years: she’ll be divorced, anorexic, addicted to snorting drain-cleaner, saggy from having five kids from five husbands, then shave her head and be found dead in a pool of babyshit.




  16. Dude. This is pathetic.
    She is turning into everything she always claimed sha wasn’t. She gives Paris a run for her money in this one.

    Btw; she’s playing both caracters? Honey, you already did that in “He Wasn’t”…

  17. OMG ..ur all sad ..this is a well good video all of them are so go get a life …jeez avril is my hero so go get a life….she rocks with all her music videos!!!!!!!!!!!!




  19. oooh myyy goddd she’s so stupid,im sorry but she always wwas kina a joke to me,but now
    it’s crazy!

    i mean she was like “im punk”…and i was like whatever..but noow shes like “I STILL WANA BE PUNK BUT I WANA BE A STUPID TRASHY BLOND POP PRINCES CHICK”

    SOOO i think this is realy dum


  20. you’re a bitch and kinda need to back the fuck off. so what if you dont’ like it. you’re not only one in the world that gives a shit about music. and you can crawl back into your little emo world and cut your wrists instead of criticizing anyone. that’s how i feel. yeah it doesn’t feel so good to be criticized does it. SO THE NEXT TIME YOU THINK THAT YOU’RE IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO CRITICIZE OTHERS, LOOK IN THE MIRROR BITCH

  21. and don’t be jealous that she’s hot and you’re not.. and obviously i’m not the only one that thinks so huh? back off’ll never win with me.

  22. Avril Lavigne used to have her own grunge look…but she became like Nelly Furtado, and got sucked into the world of stupid trends and all that other crap. I think that she should go back to the way she was. Her new album looks promising…but her girly thing has to go..a lot of fans are going to be ****** off. Oh and I really hate all of the other comments you people are posting to author. It’s offending, and he/she doesn’t really care. But hey, it’s a free world, and you can act like idiots if you want to. And so can Avril Lavigne. Another thing that bothers me is how we are acting. You see all these people who dress the same, act the same, listen to the same music, and they probably think the same too. The old Avril Lavigne was definetely better…..what’s your opinion?

  23. i can see why this might make someone mad who REALLY liked her before,
    but who cares? its a fun song to listen to and I think its OKAY if she wants to try something new. she’s still doing what she wants to be doing im if everyone respected that before they should respect it now even if its not what they like.
    i dont care what she wants to be, or if shes a fake.
    none of you could EVER know that. known of you even know her.
    the song is good, so just enjoy it., and if you dont like it…
    stop complaining. its music. its freedom.
    get on with your life.


  24. hey marissa, i think that Nelly Furtado is the best siger ever, and if you dont like the Avrils video, then dont watch it!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ummm…..why won’t you guys just stfu!! okay
    its lame how you guys are talking shit about her
    she doesnt fucking care what you guys think obviously
    she’s still a prep
    ok get over it
    she’s not going to change

  26. WTF,dis video is GREATTTTTTTT,she looks sooooo nice n i love everything in it,shes so cute n all of u dat dont agree wiv dis u r bunch of fuckin jealous idiots,AVRIL ROCKS N SHELL KEEP ROCKIN ON!!!!!!!!!!

  27. h0nnestly dont whatch her fuckng videoo if u dont like cuz its the fucn BESTT!!!
    she rocks asss!!!
    and u suckk balls!!

  28. where did you guys all go to school?
    like are you stupid who ever wrote that shiiit.
    avril’s new song is soo good, i love it.
    you all should know better
    bye you homos

  29. Right u all have ur own opinions some think its dumb crap w.e if u dont like avril i mean like u kno u wudnt even be looking at the freakin video let alone posting about it i think avril lavigne is back and better then ever so… im not bitchin about anyone at all u all have ur own thoughts about it so.. go back to your own music u like and and avril laving isn’t like anyone else shes her OWN FREAKIN PERSON OK? if she wants to dress preppy )which i dont think she is myself but hey!) Freakin let her shes not gona change for u guys is she i mean come on >:3 Later Dudes Peace out xx

  30. …..What the fuck was that? I thought Avril was supposed to the anti-pop-princess. And to everyone who’s getting pissed that we don’t love Avril as much as you. Shutup. We’re criticizing her as an artist not a person.

    Anyways. I never liked her to begin with. But this video was way beyond scary so I decided to comment…

    I hate long comments…..

  31. I’m with Rachel #3 on this “what are all the 12 yo girls gonna think now? it’s cool to steal geeky girls’ boyfriends? IM SO SADDENED BY THIS”

    I still like her because I love some of her older things but this was a joke gone wrong. She used to be a great role model for girls and even some guys but what happened?
    When I get out there, I hope to become and remain a great role model to anyone and everyone. I hope she remembers who she used to be…soon.

  32. Sounds like someone is just jealous!

    Avril looks so hot in this video, I almost pop out of my freakin jeans. Not to mention the fact the video is pretty friggin fun.

    Lemme guess, you think Justin Timberlake’s latest is good. What’s a video without revenge on women, eh?

  33. cant rememer qho said this but someone said “she used to be my hero” or something… well i used to love her and always stood up for her when someone criziced her, seeing her changing style was ok, i mean as some of you guys says, everybody chance, right? but this is just to MUCH its like watch hillary duff and all other artists that you guys mentioned… and now dont tell me “if you dont like her, then dont watch it”. cuz i DO like her i LOVE her but this is to much. this is the time where you break up with your boy/girl-friend becuz he/she has change to much, becuz she is no longer what i used to love. now shes bitchy girl a la pussycatdoll and the rest of the shit. (sry for bad english, and the long comment but i just GOT to express my feelings about this.)

  34. a reply to #53
    sounds like someone’s just disgusting!
    I’m so glad i don’t have to deal with shit like you. I’ve met the greatest guys in my life and you’ll never amount to anything like them! You might upgrade yourself from thing to boy in about 20 years however-too late.

    F.Y.I. I am NOT nor will ever be a Justin Timberlake fan although for the first time ever i actually do like one of his songs and videos “What goes around, comes around”. I thought it was excellent. I don’t like anything else though.

    How am I JEALOUS if I said I still like her? (just barely now) This is the ONLY video of hers I don’t like and it’s because it sends a really bad message. The red haired girl didn’t do anything wrong, just a dirty look to the black haired girl when she’s coming over to try and take her boyfriend. THAT’S supposed to justify the black haired girl trying to steal him? OR was it really just because of how the red haired girl looked and the other one felt that two people that different shouldn’t be together?! It’s a horrible message!!!

    I wasn’t even over-analyzing, that really is all on the surface layer of the video.

    For Avril Lavigne, this was really LOW of her to create something like this.
    Yes, I am aware that she plays both caracters.

  35. ok first of all Girlfriend is the best–i love it.. she is really skanky in it though.. but i still like it =]
    and second of all EWW what goes around comes around is GROSS and horrible!! so BLAH

    and i must say.. i am not a great Avril fan

  36. So, you like the idea of the boyfriend being stolen away from a shy girl who is really into him and did nothing wrong to deserve that?!

    How is “what goes around, comes around” gross? It was a true story. It’s sad but he sings it well and the sound fits the setting in the video beautifully.

  37. Right then Mary *6 learn how to spell love come on hatein i do belive that is nonsense now if you had said hating or even disliking oh i dont know just learnt how to spell maybe people wouldnt think you where an uneducated inbreded retard. Now on the song yes people its terrible, artists do change however this is more than a change its more like a sellout its horrific. Not to mention annoying. Plus stupid americans who overuse the word like eg oh i am like so etc etc should be shot you rob our language and piss all over it.

  38. “She’s like, so whatever.”
    Wow… sounds like a complete preppy bitch!
    I actually cringed when I heard this song–Avril Lavigne has definitely regressed into a Britney Spears obsessed tween who just came out of a Hot Topic and discovered how cool punks are. “Like, OMG, I’m SUCH a punk, but I still like a slutty bitch! YAY!!”
    The way she starts out, doing the MATRIX kick and waving her arms about, it’s just… lame. Let’s take this girl and put her into the 1980’s music video of “Hey Mickey” as one of the back-up dancers. “HEY HEY, MICKEY MICKEY, I’M DAMN PRECIOUS!”

    “Under My Skin” definitely was above this crap…

  39. Girlfriend is a really catchy song and I love it! The song & video clip are fun and Avril looks hot; this is only another single that will go to the top of the charts. I’ve been a fan from day one and my following will continue. For all those wingers it’s not supposed to be a serious song; i’m sure Avril didn’t want to change peoples lives with it – get over it!!

  40. Peeps…please calm down REALLY! If one of u think the song rock, let it be…if the others think it sucks (it does…though) then you guys won’t win anything trying to convince evryone to think the same…GROW UP GUYS!
    Anyway, the song AND the video sucks…But who knows, maybe she didn’t actually choose the whole theme, or was expecting something else when she did it????
    Oh…and btw, the choregraphy!! How come she actually dances! That’s like SOOO slutty!

  41. whats goes around comes around.. i like the song.. but the music video on the other hand… (gross)
    i dont really like the moral of the Girlfriend video, but i love the song.. and like Carolyn said.. its not supposed to be serious.. its just a fun song..
    but I do wonder what Deryk would think of this lol =]

  42. Wtf??? You seem like the biggest dipresso…….ever…..if you hate the song so much then why did you waste your time writting about it……its not that bad…?!?!

  43. “when i saw this i thought that shes going for a much much younger audience. my godkids who love “high school musical” and “the cheetah girls” will be way into this. definately jr high and middle school. high school kids couldnt possibly be interested in this avril. i thought avril will grow up with her audience but shes totally gone in the oposite direction. vintage avril is awesome though.”

    i’m in high school. and absolutely avery word makes sense to any high school girl who ever liked someone they couldn’t have. i have to admit it is a bit gwen.. but i still like the video when it’s blonde avril. the weird act has GOT to go.

    still. summary is: song Girlfriend is true and therefore good.

  44. p.s. dancing in a music video doesn’t automatically make someone slutty. it makes them rich. they get money. the end.

    k yeah.. i just wanted to write in this again.. and yeah.. what goes around comes around is gross.. they are just kissing and in bed the whole time FOR 10 MINUTES grossness
    but yeahh Girlfriend is the best!! but i dont really get how the blonde Avril fits into it all.. like wasnt the black head with him at the end? and then blonde Avril goes in the porta potty with him.. i dont get it lmbo

  46. What happened to agreeing with the FACT that the moral of the boyfriend being stolen away from a SHY girl is HORRIBLE?

    I’m so passionate on this because that was me without the eye rolling, but who wouldn’t roll their eyes at another girl who was flirting with her boyfriend? (I mean really, come on, you can’t tell me that you didn’t do that once). That’s ALL that happened and it lasted for about 6 seconds (you blink and you’ll miss it). After that, the whole rest of the video makes it look like the reason that the black haired Avril goes after the red haired Avril’s guy is because of how the girlfriend LOOKS and DRESSES. BAD MESSAGE

    I am a singer and lyricist. That’s why this is important to me.

    I will however, agree to disagree on “what goes around comes around”. I only saw three minutes of it but I really did love how the sound and atmosphere played into those three minutes, lol. I saw it from where he’s singing on the stage to the bench and they are all talking and then it ends with her cheating on her boyfriend. I must have missed most of the bed scence, lol.

  47. I`m totally with you about all that you`ve said… I guess new avril sucks! where`s real avril? damn…i hate girlfriend … the lyrics, the video … “it could have been a Fergie song”-this is too fucking real

  48. wow i am shockked. i loved avril when her first cd came out and when her second did too and i even went to her concert when i was younger i thought she was the greatestt,her old music,her old style everything, but wow i am shocked. i liked her old style bettter

  49. When I heard this song first, I didn’t know it was her. I thought it was some new pop music fake. I was like wtf am I listening to. Then I realised it was her. Before this song she was okay, but I honestly didn’t think she would stoop this low. This song has no meaning and in the video I’m actually cheering for the brunette. I thought everybody would be making fun of this song, but people actually like it. I can’t stand it. I really do wonder what her husband thinks about it.

  50. So pretty much, everyone who likes this song likes it because “she’s hot”. I have the agree, she looks good in the video but her wardrobe it ridiculous. What married woman would wear that? Better yet what person over 13 would wear that. Just because she looks good in a video doesn’t mean the video/song is any good. Would you actually go out and buy it, just because she looks good? I think she’s a total fake.
    P.S: Anyone can look good with that much money and professionals around you who’s only job is to make you look good.

  51. maybe this is just a phase . . . like a “haha! i’m a married woman now and i am really comfortable with my feminity that i can let it out now.” but i did like her during her second album days, though i admit i am not a huge fan. but i saw the little ditty about her wedding in instyle and i thought she looked gorgeous. oh well. people change, i guess. and yes, i did do the wristband thing back when “complicated” was a hit. i tried the tie too, but it didn’t work. that was about the extent of my punk phase. i was in eighth grade.

  52. I didn’t like it much at all the first time I heard it. Then somehow I got it stuck in my head. I think it was just something fun and different for her. She’s been so serious and angry all of her life. She has the right to do whatever she wants, fans know that as the real Avril. And well, like it or not, that video was just her way of letting go and having fun. I do agree however that for being 22 and married it was quite immature.

  53. Nope, most of her real fans are going to drop off after this. However, there might not be a drop in sales (maybe even an increase) because all of the disgusting and creepy guys that live in the gallows will surface and take their place in purchasing the album.

  54. Here’s a few that never had to change and continue to have an ever-growing strong fanbase- Pink (I feel that Pink’s latest album is her best yet), Green Day, Evanescence (MY FAVORITE BAND and the Cranberries), Sum41 might I add, Linkin Park, Story of the Year, Vincent Black Shadow (they are new but I have complete confidence that the girl singer will not ever change) etc. There are many more but it’s getting a little late and I grow tired, lol.

  55. Hecks Naw Bitch who u fucking with ill fight u come to gainseville lets see what u got ok….

  56. Avril ROCKD you idiots
    l loved her sence (complicated) ,
    she is so hot it (girlfriend) imean really hot
    and the song is all great
    and everyone thinks other wise
    the he should have one of these (this is my hand )


  58. i was hoping for a more deeper song from avril since she’s a really great song writier and many fans can relate to it. that’s why i love her. i just hope this is the only silly song from avril because i’m still rooting for her.

    i totally disagree with you about her becoming gwen stefani-esque.

    i don’t think gwen will sing about stealing other people’s boyfriend. lol… but comparing her newest single to fergie… yes, it’s so true that it’s sad.

  59. avril was a fucking loser form day one! her music NEVER had any quality to it, it was all just to make a quick buck. and this ‘girlfriend’ thing she has going for her now is undeniably her worst song to date… and thats saying something

  60. I have to agree.. this is like a FERGIE song… and somehow it’s stuck in my head, and it’s SUPER catchy! And I DON’T like Fergie by the way! and YES The old avril WAS SOOO much better.. she STOOD OUT from the rest of those “oh… my god.. look at me.. me!” girls…. I was quite upset at first casue I AM one of her biggest fans, for four years i think, well.. since she came out. He older music was so deep and it had great music and lyrics. Her new video, i like though, I DON’T think that Avril’s message was “oh.. you should steal geeky/nerds boyfriends… I think that if you PAY A LIL more attention in the video.. the geeky girl is SUPER PREPPY and she is treationg the boyfriend all like “you better do what I want or else”.. and the REBEL Avril DEFINETELY didn’t like the RUDE/NERDY PREP Girl and really liked the guy, and maybe Avril meant that he DESRVES better… but the lyrics she used didn’t describe it enough (“and you can do so much better”) Avril shouldda thought it over more to REALLY get her message across. Go TO MY MYSPACE (username: Avrilsbiggestfan0400) and check out my pics…. I MADE AN ICON MYSELF that says…”WE miss our old Avril.. NO MORE GIRLFRIEND DElicious-bubble-licious Avril Lavigne.. We want our Skater girl back”………….. now REMEMBER i am a HUGE FAN.. I kinda like the song.. If you think that the icon is wrong to mention the “Girlfriend” song in it… MAYBE if we all use my icon, and send it to other AVRIL Fans… we can actually make an impact on where Avril decides to do with her career.. maybe we can get our old avril back? I dunno… the NEW avril is just TOO much TOO soon.

  61. Err if u watched her oldest songs when she wasnt as famous as she is now you would notice that all her songs went down hill when she actually came into the spotlight but this song is bringing back the best in avril.. if u want your sappy music listen to it…she aint preppy she is a punk at the least…Every one who dont like avril or her music shouldnt bother to write a comment ya wasting ya own time. Get over it its a good song…+ She looks gorjuz in this clip…Better then the other DULL ones she has made so shut ya mouth if nothing good is gona come out! fucking losers..Luv yaz xoxox

  62. okay.
    you’re all wrong.
    you’re not looking at the REAL avril[crazy, wild, pop rock teen, side of things.

    i am SUCH a fan of AVRIL. I should know. you have NO right to talk about her like this public.


    you’re crazy if you dont like it… lol.
    i understand everyone has their own opinion…

    i have mine.
    thanks for your time.

  63. okay.
    you’re all wrong.
    you’re not looking at the REAL avril[crazy, wild, pop rock teen, side of things.

    i am SUCH a fan of AVRIL. I should know. you have NO right to talk about her like this public.


    you’re crazy if you dont like it… lol.
    i understand everyone has their own opinion…

    i have mine.
    thanks for your time.

  64. get a life.
    you need help.
    avril is being herself.

    MOST smart people would agree that its a joke.
    not real.
    so shut your big mouths.

  65. I’m just making sure this site starts and ends on a negative note. This is the first music video that I have ever seen that is that horrible. I’ve never ever had a problem with a video until now. It really is bad especially who it is coming from.

    To Taylor: wow, you must be quite a catch to want to hit me, I’M A GIRL, DOESN’T THAT SAY ANTHING TO YOU! Guys are not supposed to want to fight girls. I want you to bring a legitimate arguement to the table. I want to hear something other than how she looks. Talk about the CONCEPT of the video. I’m almost always a happy and smiling girl that would do anything for my friends and family. If you met me, you wouldn’t even think all this was by me, I don’t get angry and defensive about small matters like this. I write lyrics and I’m a singer and I can’t put this one past me. I used to like her a lot and that she was an excellent role model, that’s why this is just BAD to me. If you had read everything I said, I’m talking about the MESSAGE of the video and nothing more.

    To the one that said the girlfriend is being too preppy and the boyfriend should do what she says: I am happy about this perspective, however, I still think that how she had the girlfriend look and dress, says a lot. Even on the surface of the video, which is what most will see and take in, this is still a VERY BAD message. You have to dig a little deeper to find what you found, but good job though. I don’t know, I watched it a few times to see if I could get there and just can’t. The girlfriend doesn’t do anything to deserve that! She looks content with her guy most of the time. Who doesn’t get moody every now and then, lol.

    AND to those that think only positive comments should be written: look at what this site started with! It’s called freedom of speech and I’m not even saying anything horrible. I think when people call others ugly or anything else demeaning, there should be retaliation. Those are pointless and add nothing of value to an arguement, but yet painful words to describe anyone. I WILL NEVER SINK THAT LOW.

    Keep in mind… I used to be a fan of hers.
    I can’t get past this. ALL of her other videos had meaning and a point. COMPLICATED was fun and a joke, this is NOT.

  66. OMG I love this video and song!! It’s the only catchy song by her! I honestly think its a bit corny, but she looks way better like that and not like a goth. Its kinda cute 😛

  67. I in fact like this song. i have never really like Avril, but this song has a good beat, a hilarious video, and Awesome outfits. She looks WAYYYYY Better like that than she does goth. She is married, but that doesnt mean she can’t have fun!! That video would be so fun to be in. To be honest with you, I LOVE this song!! I listen to it every day, so if you don’t like it, thats your opinion and I don’t think you should be putting her down for making a corny, yet good song.

  68. Rock on Av…
    When these wanna be hacks have sold nearly 20 million albums, I’ll still take no notice of them…

    Luv the song .. Luv the vid..

  69. Honestly, who cares if she looks hot. Idk.. maybe it’s those 25 people who get paid to make her look good? There are so many other celebs that look good and are still talented. She was okay before. Her lyrics are simple. Just because you dress punk doesn’t mean you are. This is worse then a Hilary Duff song! At least HD wouldn’t be dressed like a 8 year old “punk wanna be”. This video is an exampe of just how fake she is. It doesn’t even send a good message. I feel bad for the nerdy character.

  70. i like the song, maybe the video is too agressive for geeky girls…i’m a geeky girl to, the ”girl nerd” in my class, but i like the song because the boy i like always falls in love in stupid girls…that’s the only thing i don’t like in video-she is bad to the nerd…but i think she wants to give this message-i’m better then a arogant girl that thinks she’s the smartest on the planet

  71. Maybe this isn’t so relevant, but she sings this song in other languages, and I’d like to point out the Mandarin version…

    Which is HILARIOUS! OK, so it’s just the chorus that gets translated, and she doesn’t pronounce it properly, but that makes it even FUNNIER! I mean, the English song already looked and sounded like hyperactive pop crap, but the Mandarin version makes it sound like some Asian TV ads, which are even crazier. Although the tempo is the same, she has to add in extra syllables and it sounds faster, like a preschooler on caffeine (and it’s compounded by the fact that she’s not pronouncing it properly… although I suppose it’s still pretty funny if you can’t understand what she’s saying). It even fits in with the loud pop culture that penetrates Asian culture today. And if you watch some Chinese music videos, they have half of it in Chinese and half in English. Man, there are so many weird similarities…

  72. When I watch it in Japanese

    The geeky girl’s outfit makes me think of those Japanese schoolgirl fights you sometimes see on anime. In fact, if you imagine the whole thing with anime images, it works strangely well. Especially the ending, with exaggerated cartoon expressions.

  73. i wouldn’t put in the video a geeky girl (because i’m a geek-girl), i would put a stupid girl with a pretty face…like kelly bundy

  74. Shut the hell up all you avril haters you dont like her music then you dont know waht real music is you gotta know too that there just videos NOT your life god io cant stand people like that who dont like avril becasue shes changed or her videos aren’t goodwell SHE ROCKS so deal with it!

  75. YEA, seriously you guys take it to seriosly and need to chill because AVRIL DOES ROCK and everyone knows that and if you dont think she rocks then you can shove it up your……..anyways, they are just videos and they are awsome you need to deal with that!

  76. i dont usually listen to her music. but when i listen to girlfriend first time on mtv, i FALL IN LOVE WITH IT.

    it is supposed to be a joke! and i think the phrase, “she is so whatever” is funny. why you all getting so uptight about the moral value thing? and i dont think it is bad after all she show it in the open, and the girlfriend know it, not behaving sneakily in the dark.

    cant you people just have a sense of humor?

    oh god, i am wondering why ppl dislike this song. is it because they look like the geeky kid?

  77. If you don’t want to hear people complaining about her video then I suggest not going to a blog all about how the video sucks. It’s okay to express your opinion about something. Good or bad. So shut up because we won’t stop saying it sucks. And if you hoesntly think this is rock you need to get a medical exam. Your probably the same people who get those Beatles and Led Zepplin tees and havn’t even heard a Beatles/ LZ song.

  78. I am having such a swell time reading all your comments. I really like the ones saying how bad it is because it sends the wrong message. Heres a little side note for all the people thinking this video is sending wrong messages about stealing geeky girls boyfriends… THIS IS A FRIGGEN SONG, YOUR SUPPOSED TO LEAVE YOU COMMENT ABOUT THE ACTUAL SONG. Do you people really think that this song is the reason for boyfriend stealing?

  79. P.S.. Just a memo to all those losers who think that Avril is not being herself… I think Avril knows who she is more than you do and she is aloud to try new things okay?

  80. Honestly, I think this song was MEANT to mock high school relationships, a joke in a sense. Why? Well, because typically, that IS what you see in high school. There is always that “princess” type that Avril seems to portray, the one that can get all the guys and would definitely steal someone’s boyfriend in a second. (Yes, they DO act as if they are better than everyone else.) The things she sings in this song SOUND like something that a typical “popular” cheerleader-type would say and do. I mean, for crying out loud, she calls herself a PRINCESS. “In a second, you’ll be wrapped around my finger. ‘Cause I can, cause I can do it better.” That line itself does not sound like something that Avril herself would say, but something that a popular, high school princess would say. Look at her “friends” in the video; they look like they are the type of girls who would hang around with the head cheerleader or something. And, a nerdy girl .. with a hot guy? That doesn’t happen all that often, now does it? (Not to mention that those girls who they pushed away also looked nerdy …)
    Besides, people change their styles, so maybe she just wanted a change. Is there a reason to be so uptight because she decided to be a little different, a little bit more upbeat in this song? She is not a teen anymore. She’s not all depressed and emo. She doesn’t have a reason to write ANGST-Y songs. And she retained her punk/emo-esque look; she wasn’t wearing preppy pop-princess clothes.
    On a final note, I think people should read more into the lyrics than what is just presented to you. For all you know, there could be deeper meaning to these lyrics than, “LOLI’MABOYFRIENDSTEALINGSLUTWANNABEPUNKLOL.”

  81. I’m “saddened” that you guys even CARE.
    get over it losers
    she’s a pre-packaged money-making machine.
    always was, always will be.

  82. Eloquently put, I agree.
    Don’t get me wrong, I really couldn’t care less about Avril Lavigne’s career. What does worry me (hence why I care) is the way this affects the mentality of teenage girl affairs.
    I feel like pop culture’s been pumping out this slogan “I’m pretty, perfect, and the only thing that matters in the world is what I want.” Sure I can see the value of this as a product of female liberation, the whole I don’t care what my husband/boyfriend/dad thinks that I should do, who I should be/ where I should work/ how I should dress. Where this goes too far is when the emphasis on the self goes beyond female independence and encroaches on just plain immature lack of consideration for others.
    This somewhat nerdy red-headed girlfriend in the video seems perfectly harmless. She’s not purposefully in anyone’s way, she’s obviously a nice girlfriend. But what does this popular chick clique do? Avril, the puppetmaster herself drags this poor girl violently out of a relationship that she got into fair and square. The only way this pathetic clique feeds iteself is through putting others down to nourish their own sad insecurities. It’s a power trip.
    What this brainless video reveals is girls competing, turning their backs on eachother without regard for negative consequences like causing someone else pain. When did it become okay for girl pop stars to dictate this sort of shit to adolescent girls? Girls have enough boy problems as it is without further help from pig-headed pop stars telling everyone it’s okay to betray a sister for a dumb guy.
    I just hope other people think the message of this video is as immoral as I do, and I hope that girls will exercise some sort of filtering process when watching this kinda crap. Stick together girls, it’s the only way we’ll ever get anything done.

  83. look i don`t see why we have to have a debated about avril`s new song i loved it you might hate or love it depends on your opinion keep your own opinion yourself but i don`t now if you`ve noticedthis is avril`s life and her music and she can do want she wants her life and carear

  84. Avril can do whatever the hell she wants, and it’s not your place to judge her. So she’s become happier and more girly since she got married, SO FREAKIN’ WHAT?! “Oh, woe is me, Avril isn’t depressed anymore.” Well, good for her!

    Girlfriend is a catchy song and while I’ll admit the girlfriend-stealing, slutty-dancing act is over the top, it’s still just supposed to be fun. Lighten up and stop bitching, people.

  85. Ok, so I just realized I said that after saying not to judge her. No, I’m not completely alert. What I mean is, don’t criticize her for changing when she feels like it. The only criticism I made is that the acting is over the top. It’s supposed to be anyway, since that’s kind of the theme of the song…

  86. I think avril has change into a more preppy punk look…her song GIRLFRIEND is catchy & lot of beat..i’m a guy & i lyk a song that has beats in it rather than the…whatever

    Seriously, what happened to her? Back when she had the highlights and blackened tips in her hair and the cool clothes, and was singing GOOD songs, that actually had proper emotion, she was amazing.
    Now, she’s gone totally blonde (big mistake I think, nothing against blondes in general just don’t think it suits her) all that she used 2 b has drained away. Her clothes are awful nowadays (I saw her in tartan trousers the other day. omg. seriously.) her songs are terrible and she SMILES in that fake, “I’m famous” way. She never used to smile. I’m glad if she’s happy, but it disregards all that her music represents if her expression resembles something out of a Disney Movie.
    in this latet video she looks like she is going to some sort of fancy dress party. WHAT HAPPENED TO HER? Why is she doing a terrible dance routine? and have you seen the shoes she’s wearing with those awful socks?
    All the stupid airheads in my year LOVE this song.

  88. and yes, she does now belong on the “hey mickey” video with all the other plastic cheerleaders.

  89. I like Avril too and the songs a little catchy and Ive shamelessly tapped my feet to it, HOWEVER showing girls that bullying is cool? Get a life…Avril.
    I really didnt expect that crap from her,

  90. absolutely disgusting. Well one day this will be on one of those VH1 countdowns of something like the worst songs, or celebrity bombs, something like that.
    “What was she thinking???”

  91. oh, and sometime soon she’s going to see that everyone hates it. Then she’ll come out and say that is was a joke. I would think it’s a joke, but there are just some things in it that don’t seem that way.

  92. I think her new video is great, it shows that she is not just a rock chick. And i should know.

    So what she put dance’s in it, there good. She is not turning into fergie or any one else. Think of one singer who has done a song like that. She is totaly unique and I think she is great.

    She just wants to do something different!!!!

  93. Answer dis question, if u lot (not every1) finks this song is so crap den y r u all writin bout it? Do u really fink Avril is gonna care about wat u lot say bout her song!?

    It’s a great song, so u lot who dont lyk it tell it 2 some1 who cares!!!

    Avril’s da best -_-

  94. give the girl a break she making 10 times the amount of money you are! If you dont like it dont buy it! Dont spend your time complaining about it! The song sells, thats why she does it to make money! So get a life and stop whinging!

  95. we can’t know what avril wanted to say with the song…actually the song is not the problem, the video is….i feel bad for the nerdy girl…she didn’t do something bad to her, to avril….well, i’m a nerd-girl too, but i like avril……what makes the girl a bad person, she is not pretty adn she’s a nerd? well that’s LOW. well, avril wanted to have fun, and money of course, and she did.

  96. meant to be ironic………….nah, jk it was meant to be just what it was…..a video so she could sell more records….her old persona was just as calculated as this one, she was never “real”…. now she is just appealing to a different group of people, which also happenes to be a larger group…larger group = more record sales= MORE MONEY

  97. meant to be ironic………….nah, jk it was meant to be just what it was…..a video so she could sell more records….her old persona was just as calculated as this one, she was never “real”…. now she is just appealing to a different group of people, which also happenes to be a larger group…larger group = more record sales= MORE MONEY

  98. you actually seriouse?..
    so what if she wants to do this kind of video it matches the song.
    shes told what to wear etc
    noones wrong to like it noones write not to like it
    just leave it jeez.
    does anyone actually care?!..x
    freeking hell guys live your life a bit instead of freaking out saying ” are you seriose you actually like this?..”
    if this is the video she wants to do wlet her! pussy cat dolls can do what they want too!. if anyof you were in the buisness and look like them you would do it too..! its there job!
    guy in video =hot 😀 x

  99. and your actuallly being so low to call people”bitches and fags” for not lkiking or hating what you hate or like?!..
    youve never even met this people
    pure sad!

  100. someone should listen to the song ”keep holding on”……i think it’s beutoful….sorry if my speeling is not correct i’m from croatia

  101. your all gayyyyyyyy….. I found this accidently and it’s a joke. Avril should not have blogs about her.. I shouldn’t even know her name.

  102. I just have to comment. I only found this forum because I was looking for the song. Previously, I have not been for or against Avril. I just heard the song a few times on the radio and couldn’t get it out of my head. I didn’t have a clue who sang it. She’s obviously getting people to talk about her or there wouldn’t be so many comments. I now think she’s brilliant.

  103. I liked the old Avril much more, but I do realise that people change. So, go on Av.
    I’ve only seen the video once and it did seem a little like, why are you taking a boy from a girl who is nerdy? It would have been better if Avril would have been the nerdy girl stealling the guy from some flouncy wannabe.

    As for the ‘I only like Avril because she’s hot’, you are the reason a lot of fans stop liking artist. You should like their music first, looks come way afterwards. How would you like it if someone only liked you when you were dressed like a tween, but ignored you any other time? Wouldn’t feel very good, now would it?
    Not that I’m saying those clothes she wore was bad, I’m just not a fan of those bright colours. They hurt my eyes.

  104. she is the best!!!!!! but i dont no how people dont like her new song it rox!!!!! she is my hero…….

  105. this video SUCKS now she dance?? and wear hills??? c’mon!!! she looks so stupid!! avril lavigne SUCKS!!!!

  106. Well, you can all hate on her but she is laughing all the way to the bank. She just put down 9.5 million dollars on a mansion in Bel Air, CA. She obviously could care less what you think about her.

  107. ok, girlfrined sucks…well she is HUMAN!!! just listen to her other songs on the new album…like you are perfect

  108. Whoever finks Avril Lavigne SUCKS then u SUCK 2! Its a great video and song, whoever wrote all this rubbish bout it not being good then get lost! Get a life and stop worring wat her video’s look or sound lyk.

    if u hate it so much then STOP WATCHIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. %$(kl) well u cant stop people having their own opinion…you think its cool, someone will think it sucks…THAT’S NORMAL

  110. i have to say i dont realy mind what you think about avril but you should really keep it to yourself. Would you like it if someone would write something nasty about you on the internet would you???? a dont think so SO KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS TO YOURSELF!!!!!..i love her new video and those who think its childish you dont have a sence of hummor (she can be who she wants to be)
    ||||| |||||
    |||||||||||| |||||||||||
    |||||||||||| |||||||||||

  111. Get over it! And get a life will you! Its supposed to be ironic. Just look at the video!

    “JUST DO IT AND LEAVE ME ALONE!” Ya she wrote it especially for you.

    Also she look hot with blonde hair. So that alone justifies the video.

  112. Agree with 91. Deager, a corny yet good song- maybe it actually would have been even funnier if it was the blonde Avril losing out to the black Avril being sung by the red Avril & geek band / dancers watching it all happen.

    I don’t like your girlfriend, think you need a new one ;-)Such a catchy song, will have it stuck in my head all week.

    Anyone heard the full album yet to say whether there’s some more (dare I say it) ‘traditional’ Avril on it?

  113. okay, avril lavigne is such a poser. omg! she goes form punk to like hot chick punk its complete bullshit! but her mysic is fucking awsome.

    kbye you fucking ppl (:

  114. ok you guys need to leave her alone shes awesome atr least shes doing something unlike u people sitting here and bashing her get over yourselfs and get a life you low life mutha fuckers!


  116. omw how bitchy r u??
    i personally think da song was maziin nd so r da rest o hers!
    she’s just tryin new things nd just cos all use 1 slaberin r probz goths nd wannalisten 2 depressin crap nd make ursels depressed dnt mean every1 else has ta
    so wind ur neck in lyk

  117. 72. E.L.M | 3:19 pm on March 11th, 2007

    “When I heard this song first, I didn’t know it was her. I thought it was some new pop music fake. I was like wtf am I listening to. Then I realised it was her. Before this song she was okay, but I honestly didn’t think she would stoop this low. This song has no meaning and in the video I’m actually cheering for the brunette. I thought everybody would be making fun of this song, but people actually like it. I can’t stand it. I really do wonder what her husband thinks about it.”

    Her husband probably thinks that its paying for their house.

    22. Anonymous | 3:21 am on February 27th, 2007

    “Sucks. Enormously. It’s depressing to see how a smoking little portion could change so much. She’s still good-looking, but not nearly so nice. As for the video (and the tune).. no comment. Words cannot describe how devastatingly awful it is.

    Give it five years: she’ll be divorced, anorexic, addicted to snorting drain-cleaner, saggy from having five kids from five husbands, then shave her head and be found dead in a pool of babyshit.”

    Well, I don’t know about all that. I do think that she could see some career jeopardy soon. This is what happens when you actually go along with bonehead music execs. Just ask the 80’s rock bands that went cheese ballad. The ones that ignored the boneheads are still in business today. Not front page, but in business.

  118. Avril ROCKS!! Her music video for “Girlfriend” ROCKS!! For all the people that hate avril i have a few words for u………..FUCK U! and u are sooooo GAY. For the people who do like avril……….. u guys rock!!

  119. I used to like her until this stupid vid came out. And she IS no raving beauty either! Her eye liner is WAY too loud and her nose is too big. Actually she is buck ugly!! And PLEASE don’t insult Brit by comparing! Avril lost all the respect I once had for her individuality! She is just another major fuckin airhead!


  121. i think it’s really amusing that most of the people who like this song/video can’t spell

    OMG she iz so gud and hot in her video u jus dont no.

    please stop being an idiot….thanks

  122. I dislike Avril overall. She has a knack for trying to be something she’s not, and to say that her “vintage” (yeah, sorry but 2002 is not a vintage era) works were any better than the trash she puts out now is a little over-shot. Not to mention she’s been caught being a dirty little thief several times from such bands as The Rubinoos, My Chemical Romance, and Peaches. She’s a waste, her music’s a waste, and her false ‘punk rock’ attitude is a waste. She’s just another corporate cutout made to sell something that was never meant to be sold.

  123. I have liked Avril’s music for a few years now and I don’t like what your saying about her! I bet that you’re a jealous and mean critic. Who in their right minds employed you?! Back of Avril!

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