Bright Eyes’s “Four Winds” Video = Brilliant

Every time I hear this song I think “Santa Clause Is Coming to Town” during the first 10 measures. Anyway, I gotta give props to this new video by Bright Eyes for “Four Winds” in which they get booed of the stage and pelted with all sorts of trash. It’s a nice and clever change from all the usual music videos where the bands playing are in front of a crowd dancing and jumping up and down to the music, in total approval of the music they hear. Way to go guys! Link via the Sluts.

5 Replies to “Bright Eyes’s “Four Winds” Video = Brilliant”

  1. Really like it. Cool song and video. Never enamored by them before, but my favorite from Bright Eyes thus far.

  2. After hearing the calendar hung itself, i have been absolutely obsessed with everything Conor does. I can’t wait for the new album. Four Winds and Endless Entertainment have given me eargasms.

  3. favourite person in the whole entire world.
    …NOT my favourite video.

    i really dislike maria taylor. and she looks identical to conor these days.

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