Unconfirmed Rumor of the Week: Karen Elson and Jack White Are Pregnant Again

All you kids have been buzzing in my ear about this, so here’s a post devoted to your whisperings: it has been rumored that Miss Karen Elson and Mister Jack White will have another addition to their family because Karen is pregnant again. According to Us Weekly, “They’re very happy and excited.” (Link from Anne.)

Does that mean little Scarlett will soon have a sibling to play with?

17 Replies to “Unconfirmed Rumor of the Week: Karen Elson and Jack White Are Pregnant Again”

  1. AW! Someone already got to the obvious joke. Jack will have 3 kids. And possibly name them Scarlett, Blanc and Noir? haw haw.

  2. Jack wants a large catholic herd like the one he came from. He will keep her pregnant while he tours and does more coke ads. Hopefully he instills his old values in his children/herd. Not his new materialistic money grubbing ones. I have never seen $$ change someone so much. Go back to your little room Jack. Take a trip down Ferdinand street.

  3. truth is not hypocritical either bridge-Anon has a point. I dig the stripes but everyone that acts like Mr. White does no wrong are scary creepy fans-if he reads this blog he would probably be more freaked out by the people who act like hes god. He did sell out with the coke com and he can be very contradictory-but thats marketing-keep the hype machine going. It is ashame to see someone as talented as Mr. White sell-out….and he did-hes made himself a manufactured popstar. i thought that title was only for people with no true talent. Lots of entertainers may do just that-they entertain-but do not possess talent.

  4. just as creepy are the obsessives who don’t like the guy but can’t stop talking about him. everyone has to agree with your definition of a sell out? I think not.

  5. Jack White will never be a manufactured pop star no matter how many times he sells out and anyone who thinks of him as such is a fool who really knows nothing about Jack White or what the hell manufactured pop star even means.

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