Things that Unnecessarily Made Me Feel Fat This Week

1. Watching the new VH1 “reality television” show, The Agency–which focuses on the lives of the agents that make up the high-end men’s and women’s board of the Wilhelmina modeling agency.

A good portion of the first episode is comprised of talking about a teenage model named Chloe with loads of “potential”…except for the fact that is is “fat”. And by “fat” they mean “extremely skinny, but not skinny enough to see through you.”

2. An article about the incredible shrinking model in New York magazine. It talks about how all the super-skinny models coming out of Russia are disposable and will literally starve themselves just to escape the extreme poverty they were born into. Basically–their “meal ticket” is starving them to death.

3. The “fashion week food diary” of Anne Slowey, Fashion-News Director and Accessories Editor of Elle magazine. Over the course of 3 days, the net total of actual “food” eaten equals: Milanese eggs, camembert cheese with crackers, three olives, vegetable soup, 2 Organic Food Bars, 2 ounces seviche, guacamole and chips, fennel salad, squash soup, one caviar potato tidbit, and two mini meat tidbits. THIS IS OVER 3 DAYS! I probably eat that amount in ONE DAY. The rest of what she consumes is alcohol, tea, Synergy Kombucha drinks, and water.

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  1. I love how in the Fashion Week food diaries, they picked probably the only two models who eat. I guess while they count vitamins as food, they probably don’t count other metabolic “supplements” as food.

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