Rolling Stone to Reinvent the MySpace Wheel?

Nope, it’s not another reality television show. I haven’t put too much thought into this theory, but judging from a recent job listing for an Executive Editor at Rolling Stone in the New media department, it seems as though RS has ideas of a new website brewing. How do I figure this out? Well first off, check out the job responsibilities:

Responsibilities: Rolling Stone magazine seeks a digitally experienced Executive Editor to create a music discovery site that features new, emerging artists both signed and unsigned; and provide an opportunity for artists and music enthusiasts to interact with one another. Artists will be enabled to mobilize their fanbase, and consumers will be exposed to new talent. Responsibilities include developing, launching, and managing this new venture.

Hmmm…that kinda sounds like this other website I’ve been too–maybe you’ve heard of it–I think it’s called MySpace. Or what about But I’m guessing in the new RS venture, it will be more editorially driven–you know, like a…uh…blog? But with REAL reporting done by REAL editors with REAL words.

Or something…


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  1. yeah there’s this other one coming out, called I think it’s easier to use then myspace, but then all my friends are on myspace and who knows how long it will take for people to catch on, if they catch on at all. I dunno there are so many, RS has a lot of competition with this venture.
    Oh yeah virb isn’t officially open yet, but I have 11 more beta invites left…who wants one??!!

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