Lily Allen to Launch Fashion Line for New Look

Lily Allen strikes again! It has just been announced that Lily will be designing a collection of “signature dresses and accessories” for British “high street” (aka– mass market) chain New Look. Her collection will hit stores in 312 of the stores in the UK, France, Dubai, and Belgium between Mar 9th.

To put this in context–I think designing for New Look is not as plumb of a job as it would be for UK retailers like Top Shop or even Swedish company H&M.

Lily is known of course for sporting dresses with sneaker and GIGANTIC hoop earings. I’m sure this will make thousands of girls clamoring to look like Lily very HAPPY.

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  1. I dunno ’bout you, but I adore Lily, her brash comments, and her sense of fashion. Power to her! =]

  2. this page fucking sucks wh dont you make a page thingy that really matters when someone is trying to find something that really matters!!!!!! dumb bitches!

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