Fighting Bad Fashion, without Cracking a Smile

If you read Gawker‘s weekly “Looking at the Look Book” assessment, you’ll know that New York magazine’s “Look Book” feature is one of those things that is designed to both entertain, amuse, and often times–disgust.

Take this week’s self-indulgent clotheshorse, Sam Parker–Spiderman Peter Parker’s younger sibling who is in charge of protecting the League of Totally Hetero Male Fashion. As you can see by the photo below, his costume is comprised of a tan trench coat, black leather gloves, and a combo of black sunglasses, pointy black boots, and slim-fit black jeans–all blessed by patron saint, Bob Dylan.

art student

“Art student” Sam tells NY Mag’s Amy Larocca that he’s on his way to meet “his girlfriend”, who he says likes it when he dresses better than she does. He also says he supplements his expensive tastes (YSL, Thom Browne, etc) by getting “help” from his “mother” who “understands and sympathizes”. He also cites Buster Keaton, Marcello Mastroianni, and Thelonious Monk as his personal icons, not because of “their style” but because they all had “a good sense of humor”. When asked to tell a joke, Sam Parker, protector of the League of Totally Hetero Male Fashion flat out refuses–proving once again that only ugly people want to be known for their “great sense of humor”.

When he is not protecting fashion in the NY Metro area, he can also be seen in various clubs in the city trying to pass himself off as Andy Samberg after being attacked by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Well done young master, well done.