Download the Best Song You Never Knew Existed: “In the Future” by David Byrne

I just turned on my local NPR station, WNYC, tonight and I heard this awesome song that sounded like the Talking Heads on John Schaefer’s show “New Sounds”…but I had never heard it before. Not that I’m a Talking Heads connoisseur or anything, so it wasn’t a surprise I didn’t know it–but I just couldn’t believe that I’d never heard the song used in a TV commercial, movie, a hipster dance party, or MTV show… Here are some sample lyrics:

In the future everyone will have the same haircut and the same clothes
In the future everyone will be very fat from the starchy diet
In the future everyone will be very thin from not having enough to eat
In the future it will be next to impossible to tell girls from boys, even in bed
In the future men will be ‘super-masculine’ and women will be ‘ultra-feminine’

“What IS this song?,” I asked myself as I Googled “in the future there will be no religion or spiritualism”–which happened to be the lyric being sung at the time.

Low and behold–Talking had the answer–it was a song called “In the Future” off a very rare album released by David Byrne called “Music for the Knees Plays” released in 1985 and described as being an album comprised of “a series of musical vignettes designed as ‘joints’ between longer scenes in a projected theatrical epic by Robert Wilson entitled The CIVIL WarS.”

david byrne in the future

The album was only released on vinyl and cassette, never released on CD. But that hasn’t stopped at least one person from digitizing it so that you too can enjoy this great, tongue-in-cheek song:

DOWNLOAD: “In the Future” by David Byrne

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  1. wow I forgot about that song. I was a talking heads geek in the late 70’s early 80’s. I have that on some radio mix cassette tape.

    thanks for the download after all I don’t have anything to play cassette tapes on anymore 🙁

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