What I Did This Weekend

My internet at home had been down since Wed night, which totally blew. The first two days Time Warner insisted it was an “area shortage”. Then finally on Friday, they said it was just me and that I could book an appointment for NEXT Tuesday – Saturday. I was piiiiisssssssed. So I kept calling back until something opened up for Saturday, 2-6.

Around rolls Saturday and I’m stuck in my apartment from 2-6, waiting for the cable man to show up, and I have NO INTERNET. I was unsure what I should do for 4 hours with no ‘nets, so I started watching some DVDs I had from Netflix– Jesus Camp, and Evening Harder with Kevin Smith.

Jesus Camp scared the LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of me. That one kid, Levi, with the rat’s tail hair was so intense and FOCUSED on spreading the word of Jesus… I was a bit terrified.

Then it gets past 6pm and still no cable man. I call up Time Warner and they’re all “your appointment has been moved to 6-9pm. WTF?!? How do they go ahead and change your appointment to an even LATER time and not even notify you. BOOO Time Warner and your craptastic customer service.

Finally the guy came around 7:30 and fixed my internets–and thanks to him I’m writing to you right now.

Sunday I decided to re-arrange my entire living room area, moving a bookcase from one side of the room to the other, and the sofa too…and basically moving every other lamp and piece of furniture in the room. Moving around all my furniture helped showcase the beautiful job that the Backseat Blogger had done hanging up my bestest birthday present ever–two giant C prints of two of my concert photos: One of The Sounds and one of Panic! at the Disco:


Aren’t they awesome?

Also on Sunday I checked out carpets downstairs at ABC Carpet and Home’s sale/remnant section. Holy crap! I never realized how expensive floor coverings are! If you have any good tips on floor coverings, send them my way. I was thinking of maybe doing the whole FLOR system thing–you know, the modular carpet squares you mix and match.

Then I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and scored some eeegggggcellent closet helpers in the form of “Freedom Rail“, which basically changed the way I keep my clothing. Brilliant.

Ok sleepytime now. Hope your weekend was just as productive.

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  1. i’m a huge fan of flor, it’s the funnest and easiest home improvement i’ve ever done. i recommend getting samples from them as the colors often look different from the catalogue/website. i have a mix on all kinds of reds in my livingroom. love it! and easy to clean and change!

  2. omg i love jesus camp! i love levi and his World’s Longest Rat Tail skankiness. that young girl (forget her name) who was also intent on spreading around the jesus love freaked me out just as much. did you see the very end (past some of the credits) where she attacks these poor, unsuspecting black people and she’s like “i think they’re muslim” HAHAHAHAHA. delish.

  3. Thank you for the Flor idea!
    Can you buy this at ABC or only through Flor’s website?
    Thanks again. 🙂

  4. i’ve seen FLOR at Tiny Living in the east village here in NYC, but they also sell them in other stores like Design within Reach. There’s a search function on The FLOR website that will help you locate a store near you.

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