Who Would Win In a Fight: Patrick Swayze or David Hasselhoff?

I think we need to discuss this eternal question right now. Swayze has the dance moves and the abs. Hasselhoff has the leather jacket and millions of devoted Germans. But Swayze had a song (“She’s Like the Wind”) that was actually a hit in America. The Hoff had his hit German track “Looking for Freedom” produced by Jack White. Ok…so it was some German guy named Jack White, not Jack White Jack White.

Swayze once did a commercial for UK phone company Orange in which he pitches a movie where he plays a “mute assassin”:

But The Hoff once did a commercial for broadband company Pipex where he was the “King of the Internet”:

The Hoff has a longer Wikipedia profile than the Swayzzz, but it was recently defaced (below), with someone adding that in his youth, the Hoff would er… have his way with geese, and that he also starred in a porno with XXX star…Hillary Clinton… whereas no one seems to want to mess with P.Sway.

the hoff wiki

“Patrick Swayze” is a frequently used rap term to mean “to disappear”…like a ghost…like his character in Ghost.

I could go on and on like this…they are both pretty wonderful… but my money is on…


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