11 Replies to “White Stripes to Perform at Bonnaroo 2007”

  1. I had planned to go to Bonnaroo this year but may just wait to see if the Stripes annouce a larger summer tour and hit up a bunch of those shows. To me knowing that their return is imminent is easily the most exciting news I have heard in a long time.

  2. This is exciting because it hopefully means that the new Warner Bros album will be done by summer! I wonder if they’ll play a bunch of festivals like the Racs did last summer.

  3. I AM SOOO EXCITED! I hope this means the white stripes will tour the whole us and do what they used to do. i am dying to see them!!

  4. Do you know that his wife is expecting another baby? my friend who is a fashion stylist told me, that she did a shoot with her a month ago and she was 3 months pregnant and she wasn’t hush hush about it either.

  5. That was the rumour at NY fashion week. She was supposed to walk for Marc Jacobs but had to bow out at the last minute.

  6. I read that she was ill, not pregnant. She walked Marc Jacobs Fall 06 show when she was pregnant, I think I saw that on this site. But if she is that’s great, a little sibling for Scarlett!

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