New Jamz and Rants on Ryan Minus Adams Dot Com

My favorite crazyhead is back at it with a new website theme song–this one a cheery little ditty I like to call “Ryan Minus Adams Dot Com”. In it, Ryan informs us of his “cabin fever” and gives us updates as to what all the Cardinals are doing.

Unfortunately, Ry Ry mentions that band member Neal Casal’s “other band”, Hazy Malaze is performing on February 15th. Not so…

Via an email from the band posted on the A-C BB:

Come hear Hazy Malaze LIVE! @ Arlene’s Grocery –
Bring yourself and everyone you know! It’s going to be a great show NOT to be missed by anyone

Tuesday Feb 20, 2007 at 9:45 PM

Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton Street, NYC

But wait–there’s more. Check out Cardinal Radio for some new songs under “DJ Reggie” and “Rhoda Ro”.

Download all the new Rhoda Ro Khaki Time Portal songs right herez via The songs are fuzzy and sound like outtakes from Beck’s Stereopathic Soul Manure.

DOWNLOAD: Khaki Time Portal album by “Rhoda Ro” aka Ryan Adams [MP3s]

Ryan is also writing a new novel called “Everything”, which you can read over in the teleport section . Click on the little red icon that looks like a typewriter and you’re there.

everything ryan adams

2 Replies to “New Jamz and Rants on Ryan Minus Adams Dot Com”

  1. Totally random but…Neal Casal actually DOES have a show on Feb. 15 – at The Living Room. He’s playing with a bunch of other people including Teddy Thompson and Martha Wainwright. Lot’s of special guests expected (ahem) and it’s been sold out for weeks.

    p.s. Ryan Adams is a nutbag – even crazier than he was back in the day when he used to pass out on the tables at Lakeside Lounge (regularly).

  2. I saw that a few months ago you posted links to mp3 versions of the songs from the Dot Com. You posted them in 4 or 5 installments, called “Country Songs 1-6” and so on. Could you repost those please? Thanks!

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