Fabrizio Moretti’s Downward Spiral Continues

Hanging out and smokin’ the death sticks with Kirstin “Kiki” Dunst is one thing, but hanging out, smoking, and then asking for some alcohol in a CHURCH WITH KIKI IN TOW? Oh Fab! You silly boy. A little “color” (that’s what we call it in “the biz”…and “the biz” is a term we use in “the biz”) from the Arcade Fire show at Judson Church tonight courtesy of my homeboyz over at Stereogum:

BARTENDER: What can I get you?
FAB: Do you have vodka … ?
BARTENDER:: Yeah, sure.
FAB: I’ll have a…
BARTENDER: Just kidding man! It’s a fucking church!
FAB: (Sheepishly) Oh.

Fab and Kiki. I. just. can’t. take. it.

I wonder when they first hooked up…could it have been at the Hennessy party in October?

Drew on the other hand is just as adorable as ever…but I’m not so sure she lives in a “in a tiny, crappy old prewar bachelorette apartment” like she claims in this New York Magazine article. (What is this, Duplex?)

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6 replies on “Fabrizio Moretti’s Downward Spiral Continues”

  1. well hahaha oh my… fab’s so cute! and i don’t understand drew … i like her anyways but i love fab most… and “kiki” … no words she’s not one of my fav…

  2. you could also mention that Apple just put up a “celeb playlist” for drew barrymore. and y’know… she’s a dumb bitch, so she didn’t put a strokes song on. not that they need her to. just saying. oh and her vadge has been used more than the turnstyles at Penn Station. GO FAB!

  3. I fucking hate ‘KIKI’ she sodd stoop whoring around. Everyone knows that fab will never marry anyone so should therefore piss off and go sleep with someone else.

  4. fab is the cutest person and i would drink with him in church! but “kiki” is a s-l-u-t she has been with lyk every guy this month!!! but wtvr she does dress cute

  5. It’s pretty well known that Kristen Dunst is dating Johnny Borrell, singer of Razolight. There’s pics of them all over the web.

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