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  1. Scissor Sisters are great and it makes sense, that they would be on a soap like “Passions” because the story lines are just as kooky as them, lol. It was a well deserved plug for the Scissor Sisters! As for Passions it’s so unfair how they’re gonna take it off the air, just to have an extra hour of “The Today Show”. C’mon! Do we really need one more hour of where in the world is Matt Lauer? Passion fans unite and continue to support the show! There are several petitions to save the show amongst them are the message boards on Cyworld. Post your comments to save “Passions” @ the Cyworld Passions Club @ http://club.us.cyworld.com/passions – FYI Fancy Crane also has a page on Cyworld, where you can post your comments in her guest book. Be sure to check out Fancy’s page @ http://us.cyworld.com/fancy – Fancy also has lots of photos and video she posted. I work with Cyworld, so go check it out and help save Passions!

  2. Great news Passions fans!!! Not only will Direct TV be taking over the soap opera Passions but Canadians will now be able to watch Passions past it’s cancellation on NBC. Allarco Entertainment, a new Pay Television provider that is starting up in October will now be airing Passions for Canadians. You will have to subcribe to this Premium service to get it though. I know this for a FACT because I myself spoke with Allarco Enteratainment today and they told me under no uncertain terms that they will indeed be airing Passions. They also informed me that they will also be showing all of the shows that have not been aired in Canada for the month of September. You can now let out a sigh of relief because we did it!!! PASSIONS IS SAVED IN CANADA, YAY

  3. This is an e-mail I received from Rogers Cable:
    Dear Jonathan,
    SoapNet is not licensed for carriage in Canada. However, the CDN rights for Passions have been purchased by Allarco, a new Pay TV operator in
    Canada. This new service is going to be launching in October 2007.

    Nancy Cottenden
    Corporate Communications

    Allarco Entertainments phone number is:


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