Tricks to Finding Proenza Schouler Items on

If you (like me) are a fan of the Target “Go International” line, but if you (like me) were too lazy to run out to Target in Brooklyn and/or Opening Ceremony when the stuff first went on sale, you (like me) might have shopped for your wears on If you type in “Proenza” in the general search box right when you get to the site, you get redirected to the “Go International” page–the page where you would THINK that all the items would be listed.

Not so, my click-friendly amigo. For example, items like the much-coveted blue silk bustier top do not show up when you view “Tops”, but if you put something in your cart, it might show up under items that “others bought” when purchasing the item you put in your shopping bin.

What about the Avalon Sea Aloha floral print gauze dress? Sure, you might not see it listed anywhere, but darling–with some strategic clicking, you can find it. And the signature wooden-handled chain print tote? Oh it’s there too.

Here’s another tip. If you select the category “women” and do a search for “Proenza”, you’ll get a list of some “hidden” items as well. Ok, so you might not be so appreciative about the opportunity of purchasing the red windbreaker jacket that gives you Michael Jackson “Thriller” flashbacks, but you might really like the chance to snap up a Stripe Crop-Sleeve Cotton Jacket in Wild Dove.

Now if someone could just direct me to the link for the heather gray short-sleeved logo sweatshirt…

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  1. THE grey one 🙂

    i know it says it’s not available — but i’m wanting to believe it’s cause it hasn’t been stocked yet — this is the first time i’ve come across this link, so perhaps we just need to wait and see — it’s showing up on amazon too now (amazon just posted the blue bustier too so i’m hoping there’s more of those to come as well)

    best of luck

  2. found the grey at the target in the town where i work (woburn, ma). it is running 17.99, the only one they had was a large. if you haven’t found it anywhere else (and that is your size) let me know and i can swing by tomorrow to see if it is still there (and scoop it up).

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