Real or No Real? Does Pete Wentz Reveal TMI, or Was Vice Just Making It Up?

The jury is still out on this one… Why did Vice take down their interview with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, posted on their daily blog? Did someone at Island freak out when they saw the content of the interview (Pete gives the nod to a particularly Brokeback style of love-making…talks about drinking and taking downers, and other material that would destroy any remaining warm fuzzy perceptions of Pete.) OR was the interview just a joke that got way too out of hand and landed Vice in the position of being sued?

Answers, anyone?

Vice has taken the entry off their blog archives, but you can still view the original post. And in case they take that link down, you can view a JPG of it on So More Scene.

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16 replies on “Real or No Real? Does Pete Wentz Reveal TMI, or Was Vice Just Making It Up?”

  1. if that was real, that guy is unbelievably lame. theres no way an interview that bad could be real. island probably got pissed

  2. Getting lost in a hotel. Claiming he beat up a bouncer.

    Among other adjectives, perception remains very fuzzy…

  3. yea that was so fake, i think vice made that shit up cause pete wentz is straight edge , he doesnt drink, or do drugs. im every other interview where some one asked him about alcohol he says he doesnt drink , and pete is not even gay, he has a girlfriend. yea he did get into a fight but not in europe it was in new mexico like a month ago. pete would never drink and take drowners, or get lost in a hotel and knock a door down. that interview is bull shit.

  4. Pete Wentz is not a gay thats only a STUPID issue and he have already Girlfriend

  5. idiots.

    pete wentz does drugs. ie like medication. remember his whole depression thing??

    and hes not gay. the whole article on vice is referring pretty much to straight relationships.

    hes not stragt edge. the only straight edge person in fall out boy is Andy.

    do some research its not hard to figure out.

  6. ugh people please read carefully:
    1. Pete does not do drugs. drugs for depression dont count.
    2. Pete is not gay. Even if he is so wha?
    3. I think the interview is fake because Pete has more brains then what was said in the interview.

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