Too Effing Cold For Anything

It’s too cold outside to even blog. My little insides just want to crawl into a big ball and hide in a warm warm place under my bed covers.

Tonight I went to a comedy “workshop” night called Tell All You Friends! at Lolita bar hosted by Liam McEneaney. The super-funny stars of the night were Todd Hanson, lead writer for The Onion, who did a dramatic interpretation of the introductions to the MTV movie tie-in printing of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. One word for you: Jugular.

The other funny ha-ha person was TMA fave, Demetri Martin, who was trying out some new material. Immediately after the show he sat down on a stool and scribbled notes all over his joke sheet–the man never stops working.

Get thee some warm apple cider and a cuddle partner.

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