Jack White Wears His Love of Loretta Lynn On His Sleeve…Literally

It’s no secret that Jack White loves the legendary Miss Loretta Lynn–so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jacky boy is the proud owner of a tattoo-style tshirt with the name “LORETTA”

One day the proprietor of Curiology, the LA-based company that makes the shirts, rang up the White Stripes management office and dropped a custom-made “Loretta” shirt while Jack was in town for the Grammys.

Later that same day, they called her back to tell her that Jack LOVED the shirt, and that he wanted a few more to give to Loretta’s kids.

Want to show your love for the Coal Miner’s daughter, Jack White, and/or your own fella/lady love? Head over to the Curiology site to put in your custom order.

10 Replies to “Jack White Wears His Love of Loretta Lynn On His Sleeve…Literally”

  1. this has nothing to do with this subject, but have you heard of tokyo police club? i searched here and there were no results found. it’s one fucking good band. “cheer it on” it’s probably one of my favorite strokes songs. “LOLZ”. don’t be put off by that comment – tpc are indeed a great band with their own sound and you should listen to it.

  2. The shirt’s cute enough but this item seems like one of those product placements you see in InStyle magazine. Jack hasn’t attended the Grammys since 2005.

  3. i got an email from the girl who runs the company. she wrote me around Christmas, but I didn’t get around to writing about the shirts until now. Clothes aren’t timely, are they?

  4. going back to Flora…

    i used to live in Newmarket Ontario (now in barrie) and I went to school with tpc.. same bus stop and everything. and my bestfriend’s friend is dating one of them.. we all went to a franz concert a while back… fun stuff

  5. um the raconteurs are playing th grammys as far as ive heard, so i am pretty sure he will be there this year 🙂

    still a good little bit of info
    better late than never

  6. amber: how cool! i’ve got absolutely no idea who they are or information about the band (maybe i’m a bit lazy), but i surely love their ep.

  7. i just downloaded all of A Lesson in Crime by TPC and its great! nature of the experiment is so addictive. good find

  8. the raconteurs are not listed as performers on the Grammys and I’m pretty sure they don’t even give the rock awards durning the televised show. Like the Stripes won last year but we didn’t see them get the award on tv.

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