Superbowl Sunday. Colts vs. Bears

5:45 PM
What’s up with this pre-show show? With all the neon colors and fake hair t’s like a giant Fanta commerical.

Holy crap! 14 seconds in and the Bears have already scored a touchtown off the kick-off!

Oh damn. The Colts are back with a touchdown of their own. So far no super-funny commercials yet.

That Snickers commercial with the two men almost/accidentally kissing was pretty funny–although I’m not sure why ripping off chest hair is “manly”. I’m coining a new term–you think two guys might be making out and you walk in on them, ask them if they were just “sharing a Snickers.

That little promo with Oprah and David Letterman was pretty awesome.

At the end of the 1st quarter the score is 6 Colts 14 Bears

That Garmin ad with the “evil Mapasaurus” = AWESOME!

We’re having a Superbowl prediction contest here at the 745 Superbowl Party. Katy and Pino won for the 1st and 2nd quarter closest predictions. We demolished some quiche, empenadas, chili, and now they are making some super nachos.

Yesssssss! Prince = bestest ever! I love that he has his hair rapped up so the rain don’t get his hair messed up. Two full marching bands accompanying him. A giant Prince symbol in flames and neon. Prince don’t care if it rains. Prince has a show to do. Prince will rock your world.

OMGGGGG!!!! He’s got the purple Prince symbol guitar AND HE’S SINGING “PURPLE RAIN” IN THE RAIN!! OMYGOD. Prince asked “Can I play this guitar?” And then a flying golden curtain shoots up and Prince is backlit and when he turns to the side it looks like he’s playing a giant penis. AMAZING.

I keep thinking they are blurring things out on the sideline–a naked person, perhaps?–but it’s really just raindrops on the camera lens.

WOooooaaahhhH! Colts just intercepted and made a touchdown! According to the Backseat Blogger the Colt fans are “stoked and soaked”.

The first row Backseat Bloggers want me to write about some of the catchphrases we’ve developed today. Many calls of “BUSEY!” and 1st Down Tomahawk calls made. I had some tortellini salad and it was delicious. Every time someone goes to get a beer outside from the fire escape i turn into a mini icicle. It’s SO cold outside.

Another interception by the Colts! This is totally crazy. Grossman can’t seem to find any of his receivers.

The Colts win it! 29 to 17. It seemed like during the 4th quarter the Bears totally gave up.