7 Replies to “Who Cares If Fab Is Dating Kirsten Dunst?”

  1. that really friggin’ sucks…that fab and drew broke up after like 5 years…and kirsten is a skank who apparently every guy in hollywood has been with her at this point and now she’s out and amout again.whore.

  2. I once read this interview with her and she just seemed incredibly pretentious. I dont’ know why. I honestly would like to like her, but i don’t really buy her whole “indie it girl” personality. I like Drew, in fact, i really admire Drew. I like how shes different i mean she’s really mainstream but then her tastes are really alternative. I think only jumped in her bandwagon after i read her top 5 fav songs now. And Peter, Bjorn and John and Adam Green were on the list.

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