Conspiracy Theory: Why Does Pete Doherty Only Cover Gorillaz Songs While Shooting Up?

As you may have heard by now, Pete Doherty once again checked into rehab on Jan 30th of this year. The next day, video and photos surfaced of Pete shooting up two days after he and Kate Moss received Buddhist blessing for their romance in a commitment ceremony of sorts on New Year’s day in Phuket.

Now I noticed something particularly strange while watching the footage of Doherty doing drugs. I realized that Doherty only sings along with the lines of the Gorillaz song “Clint Eastwood,” “I’m useless, but not for long/ The future is coming on”.

Now here’s the reason to get STOKED! It’s CONSPIRACY THEORY TIME! Could this part of some kind of SICK cross-brand marketing campaign? Both Pete’s band Babyshambles and Gorillaz are signed to record label Parlophone in the UK.

Is this viral life-style branding at its lowest? Trying to get the junkies to associate listening to Gorillaz with being hopped up on drugs? What’s next? “Hidden camera” footage of Pete quietly contemplating the results of his actions…with Coldplay softly plinking in the background? Well, I give them kudos for targeting a truly untapped market.

All kidding aside, I think it’s totally despicable that these girls, who seem to know full well who Pete was and what his problems were invited him over and proceeded to supply him with drugs AND videotape it. You’re supposed to HELP people in need, not prey on their weaknesses and take advantage of them for your own financial gain.

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  1. I think it’s more “I ain’t happy” … ” I got sunshine in a bag” type brain connection.
    Pete. Argh.

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