Outside of NYC, Albert Hammond Jr.’s Last Name Is “of The Strokes”

Sure, he’s just “Albert Hammond Jr.” for his New York Bowery Ballroom show (which goes on sale tomorrow at 12 noon), but the stark reality is that in Washington he is “Albert Hammond Jr. (of The Strokes)”.

albert hammond jr

How long will it take Albert Hammond Jr. to break free of the “of The Strokes” appendage? Two albums? Three? Never? Will Albert ever be a Justin Timberlake, or will he always be relegated to being a Joey Fatone (of *NSYNC)?

He could throw a Jared Leto-type addendum to his concert contracts, demanding that the words “The Strokes” be stripped from any promotional materials…but methinks he’s a lot more down-to-earth than that.

7 Replies to “Outside of NYC, Albert Hammond Jr.’s Last Name Is “of The Strokes””

  1. not true.. i saw him when he came to seattle with incubus. i only went to see him.. but i was amazed to see no one really knew who he was, almost disappointing

    but ill be going to this show as well not only because the crocodile is a better venue than the paramount, but to see him once more.

  2. without albert there’d be no strokes.
    his is the unsung hero of strokes fashion.
    i can’t believe they didn’t fucking know who he was.
    albert’s my man.

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