Hit or Miss?: Super Deluxe’s Take on Bob Dylan’s Musical Myth

Did you know that Bob Dylan wrote “Golddigger”, “Paradise City”, and “My Humps”? Me either. But according to this video, Bob Dylan wrote every popular song in the last 35 years. Yes, even his 1961 self-admitted clunker, “Had a Bad Day”…

As you may have guessed by now, this is was a joke entirely produced by Super Deluxe, a new website determined on bringing you “top-quality comedy videos”.

I think this video works because after decades of contributing some of the most influential pop/folk/rock music ever created, critics have developed an instantaneous reverential tone when talking about Dylan. Praise for Dylan’s past work is well deserved, but blanketing statements of his God-like greatness is not uncommon. But this video challenges and parodies that “almighty” perception of the legendary musician.

Seriously, if Dylan wrote crappy Top 40 hits, would you hate them (or love them) just the same? Would Dylan still be considered as great of a musician if he had written a song that helped the Black Eyed Peas storm the charts?

So what do you think of the comedic stab at Bob Zimmerman? Yay or nay?

But what about the all-time funniest/cringe-worthy Bob Dylan moment ever captured on film?

Well that would have to be his 2004 Victoria’s Secret commercial! The soundtrack: “Love Sick” off of the 1997 album Time Out of Mind. The setting: Superhot supermodel Adriana Lima in underwear and angel wings, traipsing around various white marble hallways in Venice. Then out of nowhere a cowboy hat falls to the ground, and there Bobby is staring her down. WHAT?!?! I will never forget how shocked I was when I first saw this commercial. My mouth hit the ground and a little part of me died inside. Bob Dylan. Selling. Women’s. Underpanties.

Relive the horror:

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12 replies on “Hit or Miss?: Super Deluxe’s Take on Bob Dylan’s Musical Myth”

  1. i think it was great, although he’s not the real bob dylan but it was thrilling to imagine he really creating those songs. and even greater when he sang it now probably

  2. Okay that link’s effed up; but search for Jonay Ray or the freeloaders guide to drinking… good stuff/

  3. Genius! So many brilliant shots, watch it a couple times to see all the refernces andskilled recreations of Dylan. Plus, this guy is surely Dylan and Woody’s love child. Skeet, skeet!

  4. Very funny, and yes, people would hate Dylan’s crappy Top 40 songs just like they hate his own crappy songs, but I don’t think it would detract much from his status on account of his best work holding up so well. Dylan himself tried to quell his followers and kill his reputation by releasing intentionally bad albums, and that didn’t really work. At any rate, he probably should’ve written Toxic, because this version is much better than the original.

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