Top Chef Part 1 Finale: OhhhNooooooooozzzzz!

If you didn’t watch the first half of the season finale of Top Chef tonight and don’t want to find out what happens, DO NOT READ ON!

Photo illustration stolen from Ilan’s (fake?) pimped out MySpace profile

MARCEL! WTF!?!?!? The finale will be Marcel Vigneron vs. Ilan Hall. Las Vegas vs. NYC, baby! Sam and Elia were knocked out in the first round. Was it just me or was Padma CRYING when she told “fan favorite” Sam to pack his knives???!?

AAARRUUUGH and Marcel did ANOTHER FREAKIN’ FOAM! I can’t believe it!

I’m still really shocked Sam’s not in the finale…Ilan was kinda annoying me in his “at home” segment when he stepped out of his apartment (maybe in the East Village judging from this photo across from the Life Cafe and this photo at the laundromat right next door?)wearing a painter’s cap and bomber jacket getting all Will Smith a la Fresh Prince of Bel Air. (Oh I don’t want to crush any of your dreams of dating this season’s “Top Chef Hottie” or anything, but you need to be aware of this picture of Ilan and his lady, Carolina.)

Oh and in the great tradition of comparing Top Chef contestants’ musical picks on Myspace, the winner of Top Chef best taste in music is…. Sam Talbot. He likes Snow Patrol, Gnarls Barkley, The Streets and MC Solaar and TBS (Er… that’s Taking Back Sunday for you non emo listeners–HOlllllllllaaaa)

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  1. I knew for a couple of weeks that Sam is not the winner. He sent me a message on MySpace asking to vote for him as Fan Favorite coz he needs the money since he’s out of job. If he was the winner, he wouldn’t do that, right?

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