Don’t Forget, Yoko Ono Has Been Crazy for a Long Time

I was just talking about Yoko Ono today and I did a search on YouTube for her and I stumbled across this footage of Yoko Ono performing “Cut Piece” in 1965 (pre-John Lennon) at New York’s Carnegie Hall. In the work she sits motionless on stage as members of the audience come up and cut away pieces of her clothing until she was naked.

Here’s a video. Don’t worry, it’s Safe for Work:

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4 replies on “Don’t Forget, Yoko Ono Has Been Crazy for a Long Time”

  1. I definately dont “get it” because I just feel really sorry for everyone who had to sit through that.

  2. That was mildy painful to watch (Beatles breakup, etc)…although, it was interesting to finally see, because I’ve heard of it so many times. Really funny to see that teenage-looking kid at the end go to town on her.

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