Band of the Day: Charlotte Hatherley

NAME: Charlotte Hatherley
HOMETOWN: London, United Kingdom

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I’ve known about Chaz Hatherley from her work as the kick-ass (barefoot) guitarist in British band Ash. I recently caught a listen of her new single while listening to my friend Imran’s show [MP3 of her apperance]. Then the Backseat Blogger told me that Hightower said the video for the song was amazing.
LATEST RELEASE: Deep Blue March 5, 2007
SONG LISTENED TO: “Behave” [MP3 over at Comfort Music, BUY the digital download]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: The Chazzer loves David Bowie and makes no qualms about it. The twangy, slightly distorted guitar lines are a hint to her inspiration. “Behave” grabs you instantly with it’s hypnotic rhythm mixed with her distant-sounding vocals. It really sounds like Charlotte is pushing herself as an artist–trying to come up with innovative sounds and styles. The single shows the same signs of great artistic maturity as artists like Beck and Bjork.
1 to 5 RATING: 5
LISTEN TO MORE: “Grey Will Fade” and “Kim Wilde” on the Myspace

Check out this futuristic, almost anime video inspired by the cover art of David Bowie’s album Low. She describes her role in the video as, “a super eager hot-shot pilot desperate to impress the object of my desire, who unfortunately is well out my league…” Oh I wouldn’t be so sure, Chaz. I think you’re pretty great:

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