NYC Record Shop Other Music to Sell DRM-Free Digtial Music Online in February…and Thom Yorke Likes Spank Rock

Lets face it, DRM MP3s suck because they ball and chain you to a music playing device. I rather buy CDs and rip them myself instead of buying stuff off the iTunes store. But now music geeks and devoted fans of indie record store Other Music will have a chance to buy DRM-free music off their new digital download service beginning in late February.

You can see the site right here at There’s currently not much up there, minus an email signup, but if you want to learn more about what they are planning, read this Wired article that was written up about the project.

Here are some highlights:

WN: Other Music is known for booking some pretty great bands for in-store performances. Is that going to be an aspect of

Madell: We hope to have video, live streams, a cool radio player, guest curators, interviews. We definitely intend to make the most of who we are and our history, but we are in the initial stages. Right now, I just want to sell an MP3.

WN: How does Other Music plan to price the MP3s? And how will the revenue from digital sales be split among the store, labels and bands?

Madell: We will be selling high-quality files without DRM copy protection (our music is encoded at 320 Kbps rather than 192, the iTunes model, so the sound will be much better). All our pricing is not set yet, but we will definitely have to be a little more expensive than iTunes — probably $10.99 per album rather than $9.99. I hope we can more than make up for the price with our selection, service, knowledge, features and, of course, the quality files. As for the label deals, this business works on percentages; you split revenue with the label for sales, and typically labels make 65 to 70 percent of the retail price

If you’re still enamored with throwing your money in the trash can on iTunes store, Radiohead singer Thom Yorke is their current “celebrity playlist”. You can see the whole thing after the jump.

“dear iTunes listener . . .
this is just some stuff that really floats my boats at the moment. the list is meant to be played from start to finish in the order you see it with a slight crossfade set in the preferences of 4 seconds like an old mix tape.
err . . . maybe. XX love thom

Bat for Lashes
“Horse and I” (Track 1): “natasha khan of bat for lashes ain’t scared. i love the harpsichord and the sexual ghost voices and bowed saws. this song seems to come from the world of grimm’s fairytales, and i feel like a wolf.”

Modeselektor & Sasha Perera
“Silikon (Featuring Sasha Perera)” (Track 2): “Hello Mom! break this. into your drink. then stir it. drink down in one go. then go out. for conspicuous consumers everywhere. ‘should a known he’d leave you for that little hooker heather.’ oh yeah. Modeselektor are genius. no-one has ever cut up a voice like this.”

Madvillain & Medaphoar “Raid” (Track 3): “i’d play this on the radio and get your moving your ass in a traffic jam 1st thing in the morning . . . if i was a dj, which i’m not. some people know how to sample. some people know how to rap. but then there’s those who show you how it’s really done . . . like these guys. produced by quasimoto.”

Stephen Malkmus “I’ve Hardly Been” (Track 4): “genius non-generic nutville not rock music. should have been a hit. i guess this compilation is POP music – at least it is to me . . . with the best guitar solo that never happened . . . ”

“Scorn” (Track 5): “this is like the storms that await us in our future. i found Surgeon after OK Computer, it is the true sound of post-rave darkness. this is an early one from my favorite bits of vinyl, Basictonalvocabulary.”

The Dears
“No Hope Before Destruction” (Track 6): “i heard this a while ago and it has stuck in my head ever since. the way the voice comes in and your speakers freak out. and what he’s saying. it sounds all soppy, oh but then all hell breaks loose. i don’t know much else by them.”

Boxcutter “Skuff’d” (Track 7): “i love this record because of the lizard bass sound. i don’t know nothing about it. turn the drum machine on.”

Quasimoto & Madvillain
“Closer” (Track 8): “quasimoto and madvillain have done some amazing records. madvillain has the best rhymes . . . nursery rhymes mixed with stream of consciousness and venim and straight observation that read like poems. and quasimoto’s way of constructing tracks is like nothing else.”

“Drum Gets a Glimpse” (Track 9): “more terror from the subconscious. i love LIARS. they make records that are as good as my favorite records. records that make you think what the f- is this? and then you fall head over heels for it. this and Spank Rock’s YoYoYoYoYoYo are my fav records last year.”

Spank Rock
“What It Look Like” (Track 10): “when this record came out last year, it cut through all the sh*t for me. it was like a slap ’round the face. the computers speaking over their reference points and pointing to something brand new. turn it up. night night.”

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  1. i agree with you laura–i’d much rather spend money on something tangible that comes with art and liner notes and thank yous and have to rip it myself than something that might be “easier” yet is never actually there in existence. maybe i’m being old fashioned, but i just can’t get used to paying for literally nothing.

  2. stephen malkmus doesn’t really get much love these days. so i was really glad to see that thom yorke likes him so much. aside from saying “with the best guitar solo that ever happened”, malk has also opened for radiohead, and when radiohead took over bbc’s radio 1 a few years ago, thom yorke only played stephen malkmus. awesome.

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