Ryan Donowho–Not as “Unknown” as Sia Michel May Think

I was just reading the story in New York magazine on artist Doug Aitken’s new video installation at the MoMA, which looks totally wicked, albeit weirdly timed seeing as how you must stand outside for the entire movie. (Maybe they were counting on that July/January weather we had been experiencing.) But something struck me as odd:

Five short interconnected films will tell the story of one night in the lives of five New Yorkers, played by Donald Sutherland, Tilda Swinton, Cat Power, Seu Jorge, and an unknown, Ryan Donowho, a teenage busker whom the artist, Doug Aitken, met in the subway.

Ok, last time I checked, being on an entire season of The O.C., and acting in 11 movies–as Ryan Donowho has done–hardly makes one an “unknown”. I mean, if Ryan Donowho is an unknown, that practically makes me nonexistent seeing as how this unknown is so unknown he has an entire fansite devoted to him.

This is all surprising given the author’s background. Sia Michel, as we all know, is the former editor-in-chief at SPIN magazine. She of all people should know that Donowho was in fact the former drummer of Michael Pitt’s band, Pagoda. Oooorrr… maybe she just doesn’t read this site.

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