Pete Doherty Gets a New Crack Den–I Mean, “Record Label”

Rejoice! You can all go to sleep in peace knowing the fact that Pete Doherty’s band, Babyshambles, has found a new sucker in record label Parlophone, which has agreed to finance and distribute 3 of their future albums for a reported 1 million GBP.

Says Parlophone managing director, Miles Leonard, “Babyshambles, justifiably, have a great reputation for crafting some of the most exciting music around today, and in Peter Doherty they have one of the best songwriters of his generation.”

Uh huh…

4 Replies to “Pete Doherty Gets a New Crack Den–I Mean, “Record Label””

  1. 1 mill,

    how much crack and smack could you get for that?

    or maybe the question is how long would it last…… biatch

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