The View: Wasted Little Terrorizing Rock Stars In Training?

Check out this item about The View (the Scottish band, not Rosie O’Donnel and co…who I saw earlier this month at Mercury Lounge) from this week’s edition of Popbitch (if you don’t read Popbitch, you don’t have a clue, do you?):

The View rock the Liverpool Travelodge

Indie hopefuls The View played a gig in Liverpool in December. They stayed at the Travelodge near the Cavern Club. One band member put his duvet in the bath-tub, turned the taps on and then left. How rock and roll. Not surprisingly this flooded many of the rooms below.

The damage cost about seven grand. Good job The View’s new single is top three this week as it will help them pay for it.

Things I learned after reading this:

The Cavern Club is in Liverpool, England. The Travelodge Liverpool looks like this:

Here’s another view.

The hotel warns you of “noise from the building next door due to building work being undertaken” but not of “mischievous young musicians flooding all your belongings”. One double room costs 60 GBP (around 133 USD) per night–what an economic way to rock and roll! The rooms The View allegedly might have trashed might have looked like this blue and white gingham wonder–perhaps they were not fans of the cheery check pattern or vibrant orange walls.

Their video for their song, “Wasted Little DJs”:

5 Replies to “The View: Wasted Little Terrorizing Rock Stars In Training?”

  1. yeah, read that in popbitch and had a laugh. saw them at merc lounge both nights, and had a chat to them before the first night’s gig, during which they were whinging about not being able to have a drink at the venue because their hands had been marked with giant black x’s for being underage — nor able to smoke inside.
    ‘draconian laws’, they grumbled, as they compared the US to scotland…rock on, lads…

  2. woo – hoo,

    I can finally connect

    I live 30 mins from there.

    The band are shit though.

    Putting a duvet in the bath and turning on the taps…eh !


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