Listen to Music to Save a Kittie

Sarah aka “Ultragrrrl” is putting on a benefit show to support two really great causes that put abused and abandoned dogs and cats with foster families. The flyer pretty much says it all:

Permanent Me, Bright Light Fever, Monty Are I, Photo Atlas, and Ollie from the Oohlas will perform. The gig is on MONDAY at The Annex for 10 dollars.

Ollie from the Oohlas performing acoustic…. Here’s what to expect:

And here’s a video by the Photo Atlas you can watch here. (Windows media/ High)

2 Replies to “Listen to Music to Save a Kittie”

  1. It’s also a very clever way to promote several less than mediocre bands.

    oHHHhh no you di’innn!

  2. Does anyone even like these bands outside of a certain circle of friends? Ollie’s voice is generic and I feel like I composed that melody at 15 and discarded it because it wasn’t good enough…and this is the Oohlahs’ BEST song. Brilliant new bands are truly hard to come by. Anyone praising a mediocre rock band as genius is doing a disservice to the true greats by implying it’s this easy, because it’s not.

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