It’s 9PM, and No One Is at Caffe Falai

Tonight I was walking down Lafayette Street around 9PM on my way to La Esquina when I saw a cool looking all-white restaurant/cafe with no one inside but one woman who looked like she was sweeping up…or chilling out. Turns out it was the new Caffe Falai, the newest restaurant by chef Iacopo Falai.

I looked at the clearly marked “Dinner” menu for tonight, and the prices are very reasonable: Baby octopus, potato fondant, black olive for 6 dollars, an almond pappardelle, wild mushroom, cream for 11, veal scalopini, broccoli for 14. Funnily enough, no listed prices for the dessert, which was the only food I actually saw represented in the restaurant–a cake display filled with glazed fruit-topped cakes glowing at the front.

Wonder if it really was open or if they close at a supremely early hour for dinner…

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