Tonight’s Top Chef….Scandal! And Your Bets on Who Will Win

If you haven’t seen tonight’s elimination, DO NOT READ ON…

CLIFFORD OUUUUUTTTT! Sadly it wasn’t just based on the merits of his “hotel food” main course, but it was for manhandling Marcel aka “Jimmy Neutron”. Ilan and Elia are now bald and Sam is still rocking the bandana.

Did anyone else catch the “Watch What Happens” aftershow on Gail and Cliff were on being interviewed by Bravo execu-blogger, Andy Cohen. It was pretty good. Way to go Bravotv with continuing to serve up interesting online content.

WHO WILL BE TOP CHEF IN TWO WEEKS? Place your bets noooowwwww. I really want Elia to win, because she’s the only one who hasn’t pissed me off, but the preview about one of the final 2 “not cooking” has me worried. Did Marcel manage to weasel his way into the top 2?? Methinks that Sam has the best credentials…they’ll probably go with him. I like Ilan, but I worry he doesn’t have enough experience.

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