Golden Globes 2007: Live Until I Get Bored

I started watching the Golden Globes about 20 minutes ago. So far Meryl Streep and Eddie Murphy won…I saw that Jennifer Hudson won for Best Supporting Actress. Right now Sarah Jessica Parker presented for

SIENNA MILLER, WTF IS THAT FUG? She’s presenting with Terrence Howard for Best Actor Mini-Series or TV Movie. Her hair is so Kirsten from American Girls = FUG FUG FUG!!!! And the top of that dress looks like a gold lame disaster. YIIIiiiiccckkk.

AUAUUGHHH! VANESSA WILLIAMS WHAT THE FUG? Did she borrow Christina Aguilera’s stylist circa the 2001 Blockbuster Awards??? Booohiiissss.

However, every time I catch Reese Witherspoon she looks adorable with her big choppy bangs and yellow strapless dress. Girl is GLOWING.


Clint Eastwood just won for Foreign Film. HE’S WEARING A WHITE BOW TIE with blue/black shirt. He is a crazy old man.

Ahahha. I just saw Prince wearing a mustard colored suit in the background of a shot. I just watched the second disc of An Evening with Kevin Smith, and he tells this AMAZING story about how he shot this documentary for Prince that will NEVER see the light of day. All I gotta say is, “CHAKA MAD, CHAKA REAL MAD!”

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like a giant Godiva chocolate box…not in a good way. But America Ferrera just won for Best Actress TV Comedy for Ugly Betty. Hooray! Aw, Salma is crying for joy. Watching Maria Menounos interview America right off the GG stage is PAINFULLLLL. I like how she was trying to pressure America into opening the paper she didn’t read. Hahaha. Grasping for straws.

Yessssssssss. Martin Scorcese wins for The Departed.

Holy crap! Sacha Baron Cohen won for Borat!

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  1. I’m always surprised when I see Prince out in public. We’ll have another siting at the SuperBowl this year. I couldn’t believe the story that Kevin Smith told. I want MY entire house wired for sound. “I want to have Jesus Christ is the Son of God up there and for people to deal with it.” Um, okay.

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