Band of the Day: PonPons

NAME: PonPons
HOMETOWN: Berlin, Germany

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I was doing a Google search for “photography book karaoke”. I found a story about artist Hanayo.
LATEST RELEASE: “My Name Is Tallulah” song on the Disko Cabine Compilation
SONG LISTENED TO: “My Name Is Tallulah” [Listen]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Remember electroclash? Yehh… The broken english reminds me of French rapping toddler Jordy. More avante guard musical project than band.
1 to 5 RATING: 1
OTHER BLOGS THAT HAVE TALKED ABOUT THEM: I think there’s a good reason why the blogger set hasn’t caught on to them.
LISTEN TO MORE: “Island” on the Myspace