Band of the Day: Mook

NAME: Mook

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: IMy friend Jessie sent me
an email about them because when we saw Little Miss Sunshine, we were
both obsessed with the character of Dwayne. The actor that played him,
Paul Dano, is lead guitarist and does the vocals. And one time me and my old man saw Paul on the subway…looking more like he does in The Girl Next Door (THE BEST MOVIE EVER). Jessie also snuck into LMS because it was sold out.
SONG LISTENED TO: “Broken-Bee (Light Me)” [MP3]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Soft indie rock with a slightly jazzy edge. Quiet. Sounds like Paul is hunched over whispering into the microphone as he sings. With the folky lo-fi sound and sweetly sensitive lyrics (“I’m awfully available in so many shades/ Waiting for you to light me”) Paul would be a great candidate to play Sufjan Stevens in his yet-to-be-created indie film biopic. Also fans of Adam Green might be interested, although they are not quite as anti-folk.
1 to 5 RATING: 3
OTHER BLOGS THAT HAVE TALKED ABOUT THEM: Er… I can’t find any blog posts about them other than this Stella fansite message board thread. They play Sin-E on February 1st, so maybe some of you bloggers should get a move on…
LISTEN TO MORE: “Darkling” and “Statues” on the Myspace

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9 replies on “Band of the Day: Mook”

  1. I wish I could go to one of your shows! I would love to see ya’ll perform!! Just keep making [Great] music!!

    ****Wooo! Mook Rocks My World****

  2. aww man i LOVE dwane!!! i just saw little miss sunshine for the 2nd time…. yay me! i sould cheak them out… maybe they’re good…

    ok but i wouldnt say im obssesed with dwane. i just think the character is awsome. he probobly isnt much like him anywayzzz. and actors are hard to get anywhere with… so im just gonna keep with the guys at schoolll 😛
    (even though they all suck -.- )

    i loved the scene where he screams “FUUUUUCCCCKKK!!!! FFFUUUCCCKK!!!”
    the BEST.

  3. I’m Argentine, I see Paul Dano in all his movies : L.I.E, The girl next door, fast food nation, little miss sunshine, taking lives, eetc.. And I love he, hs sso PERFECT, AND I WILL MARY HIM :), BYEBYE,

  4. sarah if u r serious u guys r gonna divorce soon. if ur not congrats :D:D have a son as hot as da dad. mooookkkkkk

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