I Love New York In the…Springtime?

Um…it’s going to go up to 71 degrees today. IT IS JANUARY 6!!! Is anyone else freaked out by global warming?

6 Replies to “I Love New York In the…Springtime?”

  1. I jus watched “An Inconvenient Truth” today. We can all do small things to help turn this around. Don’t be hopeless. Be part of the solution not the problem. Recycle.

  2. Here is a question that I find interesting, what would change in your life if you knew for a fact that the problem would be solved and the solution would be obvious within the next five years?

    What would change in your life if you knew for a fact that the “problem” could not be solved no wonder what you did and that we were headede for a Blade Runner type world within 50 years?

    And let’s add this question, what is it exactly that you fear? What exactly is going to happen if we continue on at this rate?

    Are you living a life that you enjoy? I think some of us just enjoy the fight and this issue is a boxing ring to express how right and righteous we are.

  3. If we continue at this rate the ice caps will start to melt. Then the ocean levels rise. Then coastal areas flood.

    Yeah, global climate change is no big deal.

    I think one of us enjoys shooting down issues to show how different we can be.

    Besides, global warming will make music so much worse. I mean, Ben Gibbard only functions in the cold.

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