Band of the Day: Walter Meego

NAME: Walter Meego
HOMETOWN: Chicago, Illinois, USA

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I randomly caught his set when I was at the Iceland Airwaves festival in 2006
LATEST RELEASE: Romantic [CD Single]
SONG LISTENED TO: “Wanna Be a Star” [MP3]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Dancy synth pop, blah blah blah. Like LCD Soundsystem (but not trying as hard to be cool) or The Rapture. Surprisingly sweet and down-to-earth vocals. They were pretty awesome fun live.
OTHER BLOGS THAT HAVE TALKED ABOUT THEM: Music Glob, Largehearted Boy, Ornery
LISTEN TO MORE: “Through a Keyhole” [MP3], Myspace

Video for “Romantic”:

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  1. Regarding the “THUMBS UP OR DOWN” category: would the title “Band of the Day” ever prompt a thumbs down? Think that one over for a bit.

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