2007: The Year of Karen Elson?

Everyone’s favorite flame-haired supermodel rock star (Jack White) wife is the star of the limited edition 2007 calendars (only 500 made!) that came with the Dec/Jan issue of French Vogue. Through out the calendar, she is posed tied up with a black rope in various states of undress. Photos by David Sims.

Love the cover! [Image from The Fashion Spot]

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  1. Karen is so striking. I don’t even think she is that pretty, but I’ve never seen anyone else like her. She’s the kind of person who’d make you do a double take.

  2. She also sings in the tribute to Serge Gainsbourg with Cat Power the theme Je t’aime moi non plus (I love you me /me either).. her voice is sweet

  3. los angeles peeps: the citizens band will be playing the avalon on january 25.



  4. Thank you Minnie for sharing the video. after listening to Karen talk, I have a greater respect for her. I found her charming. I really hope that she and Jack stay married for a long time. they seem very well suited. No wonder Meg told Jack to marry her. Karen looks absolutely striking in the vogue calendar.

  5. Went to the the L.A. show last night and WOW – can she sing! Not only is she amazing to look at on stage- her voice is heaven. Love the calender!

  6. She is truly beautiful. How does she have the time for modeling, being in a band, being a mother, and being a wife? Well, I suppose they have “staff”. It’s amazing how she can do all these things. Her husband is also very ambitious, so that is good that they each have the same level of activity in their lives outside of home life. It does seem very sweet and ideal. The baby must be so adorable. Oh, to be young, beautiful and in love, that’s close to perfect in an imperfect existence. 🙂

  7. Some of the links seem broken and/or linking to incorrect images? Specifically, 4, 6, 9, and 11.

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