Lily Allen’s Dog, Maggie May, Is Missing

MV sent me this today. Lily Allen got an unpleasant surprise this morning when she found out that her dog was stolen. Here are the details (or read more on her Myspace):

” My dog who i love very very much was stolen this morning from Capel Road, Forest Gate. London E7. My friend has been looking after her while I have been on holiday and she was taken from his van, parked outside his house.

Please if everybody could pass this message on for me there may be a chance that I can see her again. There is a reward.
Mail me back with any information or call 07909 903565.

Not only am i devastated that my dog has been taken away, but i am also concerned for her wellbeing. She needs an operation on her stomach and is having medical treatment.

please anyone help.

no one will be angry – me and my family just want Maggie home.


In related news, the Thighmaster scored a big interview with Miss Allen. Read it now.

UPDATE (1/4/07): Maggie May has been found

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